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Juggler Playing Cards

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Juggler Playing Cards

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Limited Edition Playing Cards for collectors, magicians, cardists and the every-day user.


"Hello, I’m Julio Ribera. A magician, cardist and student of design. Today I am presenting to you the combination of all my passions: the JUGGLER PLAYING CARDS.

For me, as every magician and cardist, Playing Cards are not just pieces of paper, with them we can achieve the impossible, shuffle like no other or show art through its design. Playing cards are our tools and we always carry them with us, that is why I decided to create my own beautiful and elegant deck of cards.


52 Playing Cards + 2 Jokers.

2 Gimmick cards (blank face and double backer).

Printed by the USPCC.

Tally-ho's finish and stock.

Linoid finish.

100% Custom artwork.


The Design

After two years trying different designs, and the collaboration between two other designers, I am proud to present the final product.

Showcasing a two way design with a "JR" (which stands for JuggleR & Julio Ribera), 100% custom artwork and even a reversible logo. 

This minimalistic deck will maximice all your flourishes while not being distracting for magic tricks.


The Faces

Our awesome deck features 100% custom faces, suits and court cards."

  • Created by Julio Ribera.
  • The cards are poker size.
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