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Blu'red by Sushil Jaiswal (Instant Download) New
Sushil Jaiswal-The Brain Unlocker unlocking the mystery named “BLU’RED”-The Ultimate Color Changing ..
Rs. 679.00
At The Table Live Marc Lavelle April 18th, 2018 video DOWNLOAD New
As a full-time magician, Marc Lavelle is no stranger when it comes to knowing how to wow a crowd. Hi..
Rs. 559.00
At The Table Live Jonathan Friedman April 4th, 2018 video DOWNLOAD New
As a professional musician turned magician and author, Jonathan Friedman knows how to engage an audi..
Rs. 559.00
At The Table April 2018 Subscription video DOWNLOAD New
This month, At The Table features tricks, tricks, and more tricks! Over 18 full routines! Up firs..
Rs. 729.00
Vanishing Cane Plastic (Zebra Red & White) New
Gone in a blink of an eye! Nice quality plastic cane instantly vanishes at your command! The can..
Rs. 399.00
Vanishing Cane Plastic (Zebra Black & White) New
Gone in a blink of an eye! Nice quality plastic cane instantly vanishes at your command! The ..
Rs. 399.00
Repeat Crystal Casket New
A startling instant bit of unbelievable Clear magic! Have you ever dreamed of impressing your aud..
Rs. 1,499.00
Mark Deck (INDIAN) Blue New
Blow your spectator's away with this marked deck. This is the marked deck you have been waiting f..
Rs. 169.00
Quad Forecast New
With this stand you can easily switch paper slips for mindreading-purpose. Ask four spectators to wr..
Rs. 600.00
Flower Wand Deluxe New
Magician Show Single Flowerr Stick with Black wand, he push the flowerstick inside wand an pull it d..
Rs. 399.00
Dove & Umbrella Waistcoat 2 - 3 Days
This the advance version of classic waist coat clubed with Umbrella Belt. The most versatile uti..
Rs. 2,599.00
This is The One of the Most Easy, Portable and scary Illusion for magicians.  Your assistant sits..
Rs. 4,249.00
The apparatus supplied with the Silver Sphere Combo consists of three full balls, one hollow ball wi..
Rs. 429.00
Victor Sanz's underground Post-It note routine has finally surfaced!  A spectator signs their nam..
Rs. 728.00
Precision made, this shell coins are manufactured to nest over the Half Dollar Chinese coin (Provide..
Rs. 229.00
Now you can take a BIG gulp! Perfect for theatrical performances, because it's SO EASY!  No ne..
Rs. 749.00
Exclusive products around the world The Vanishing Cane is a classic Magician's prop, quick, visua..
Rs. 649.00
RED & White Metal Appearing Cane IMPORTED, best cane available in market. A full size cane appear..
Rs. 649.00
Spooky, Creepy, but Funny Surprise for Halloween! It absolutely looks like a real tongue, but it ..
Rs. 249.00
This is most creative and artistic effect Ever Seen. show your art in magical way. Easy To do  ..
Rs. 349.00
Acessory for Cups and balls magic trick .. We supply balls with a crocheted wool covering. The..
Rs. 69.00
Imagine the reaction of your audience as the silver ball floats around by itself!  A classic of m..
Rs. 349.00
Revolutionary new switching device that is disguised as a standard looking coin pouch. VDR is ess..
Rs. 2,499.00
If you've ever marveled at modern card manipulators and wondered where they learned their skills, yo..
Rs. 2,589.00

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