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Mummy Mystery - Wood

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Mummy Mystery - Wood

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Rs. 300.00

The magician displays 3 mummies (red, yellow and blue) of equal size and shapes, and a wooden coffin. He asks a spectator to place a mummy of his choice secretly inside the coffin, to put the coffin (lid closed) back onto the table and to put away the other two mummies. Now, without either touching the coffin or going near the table, the magician reveals the color of the mummy inside the coffin.

Easy to do, can be immediately repeated.
Pocket-size. Take it anywhere you go.
Very well-made. The coffin is made in tek-wood.
The coffin is cm 10 x 3,5 (in. 4 x 1,4).

Note : Coffin Design May Vary

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