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Little Green Man

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Little Green Man

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Have spectator choose one card and return it into the deck. 

Now Magician introduces a mini-size of “Exit” sign, and explains the little man on the sign will find the chosen card. He slaps the sign with the deck…. 
In the next moment, the little man on the sign magically disappears… Where did he go?? 

Now the cards are spread out…. The little man is found on the back of one card…. The card is turned over.. It is the spectator’s chosen card!

Finally, the little man is rubbed onto the empty sign… then he returns into the sign!!

You will receive An “Exit” sign, 2 trick cards, and 10 “Little Green Man” Stickers. 

The 10 stickers allow you to create and enjoy your own routines/effects, other than just appearing from the chosen card, as shown in demo video. 

Make the little man appear from unexpected place such as from bill, smart phone, even the spectator’s hand!! 

With this little man, you will be able to create unexpected miracles, surprises, and smiles. The magical ideas limited only by your imagination. 

Comes with Printed instruction sheet 

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