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Kids Show Magic
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Cell Phone into Bottle Out Of Stock

Cell Phone into Bottle

Put a cell phone into a sealed bottle visually, even borrowed !The magician borrows a cell phone..

$ 4.00

Stripes Blow Blendo

This is a very direct and effective "Blendo" routine. Two small silks, one colored red and one whi..

$ 10.03

Super Cup (with DVD)

NEW! This is a totally new type of "Chop Cup" that does not use the traditional Chop Cup method...

$ 8.02

Card-Go Plus

Adapted from Card Go by Norman, the mechanics have been modified so that this prop can be used to va..

$ 17.06

P.K. Ring - Golden Out Of Stock

P.K. Ring - Golden

The first fully magnetic ring designed by Magicians for Magicians!The PK Ring is a complete, 100..

$ 6.01

P.K. Ring - Silver Out Of Stock

P.K. Ring - Silver

NOTE : Please Select Size Before adding to cartThe new PK Silver  ring has all the same qualitie..

$ 6.01

Wizard P.K. Ring (Silver) 20 mm

The new Wizard PK ring has all the same qualities as previous rings, but has a new curved surface an..

$ 7.01

Magic Kit

Magic kit for Kids - Tricks easy to do!Special tricks for kids. They can learn fast and easy tri..

$ 7.01

Sword Through Neck Tie

This is a really sensational version of the Sword Thru' Neck in that there is no wooden stock used ...

$ 26.11

Lapel Pin - Clown

A tie or lapel pin enameled in several colors and plated in gold. This one depicts a colorful Clown ..

$ 2.39

Lapel Pin - Rabbit in Hat

A tie or lapel pin enameled in several colors and plated in gold, with a magical theme. Depicts a Ra..

$ 1.99

Change Bag - Economy

The small and economy Change Bag is one of the most versatile props in magic for the strolling ..

$ 4.00

Super Die Production Frame

12 dice from nowhere!Produce 12 Large Dice!The magician shows an empty frame to the audience..

$ 61.28

Color Changing Plumes

Show four beautiful, brightly colored feather plumes. Roll up a piece of empty newspaper and place t..

$ 7.01

Dove Pan Classic - Metal Out Of Stock

Dove Pan Classic - Metal

the magician shows an empty pan, and drops a piece of lit cloth or paper inside. The pan is covered,..

$ 11.03

Linking Rings S.S (10 inch, Set of 8)

The LINKING RINGS or CHINESE RINGS is one of the finest  effects of Magic. Several magicians have ma..

$ 25.10

Mouth Coil Classic - Color

Set of 10 multi-colored round coils (Orange/White) which appear to be plaited tissue as itÂ&nb..

$ 2.99

Color Sense Wands

The magician shows three Magic Wands of three different colors, - red, green, and blue. These are ha..

$ 0.38

Lota Bowl - white

Un-Explained Mystery Use as a Running Gag in ANY ShowDisplay a beautiful White Aluminium vase, ..

$ 12.04

Future Fungus New

This is the new version of Classic Future Fungus, it is having very good quality feathers with..

$ 1.79

Instant Appearing Wand

This is really cute. Shiny black with silver tips, this wand looks great and appears in an instant. ..

$ 0.98

Card On Rope

A chosen card is replaced into the deck which is shuffled and dropped into a box. A rope approx. 36"..

$ 5.00

Sponge Egg

Sponge Eggs. Many strong magic routines are based on the manipulation of fragile eggs. These realist..

$ 1.59

Chameleon Champagne -45%

Chameleon Champagne

Simply cover the special water-filled champagne glass with a handkerchief, and the water transforms ..

$ 9.05 $ 5.00

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