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Jumbo 4 inch Super Soft Sponge Ball (Red)

Jumbo 4 inch Super Soft Sponge Ball (Red)

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A big ball from a very small space!

The Jumbo RED Sponge Ball is an excellent magic prop that has so many uses! 
Change a regular sponge ball into this jumbo one Or produce it from any production box, change bag, etc.

Though the Jumbo Sponge Ball does not come with any instructions, you can use it in any sponge ball routine. 
Find instruction and ideas in the sponge balls books and DVDs listed below.

This jumbo sponge ball makes an excellent ending to your regular sponge ball routine!

This is a quality-made super soft sponge ball, made specifically to compress really small. 
What a surprise when it seems to appear from nowhere! 
And it's a super large 4-inch size! 
Great to be seen from a distance if necessary!

This sponge may be too large for some children's hands to handle. 
We also carry regular sponge balls in sponge ball category, which may be a better choice for very small hands.

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