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Insight by Hugo Shelly

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This Trick is not in stock. You may order it now & it will ship to you when it arrives.
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Technology Genius Hugo Shelley is back with his latest and longly awaited next release… If you loved Sixth Sense, iCube or MindPad – You will LOVE this!

The Insight system includes a miniature wrist-worn reader and a deck of 52 electronic playing cards. The smallest RFID reader available, Insight can detect each card at up to 11cm (4.5 in) away.

A simple vibration cue will tell you the suit and value of the card within seconds.

The Basic Effect

The performer hands the deck to a volunteer and invites them to choose their favourite card, placing the rest of the deck aside. Without touching the volunteer or the deck, the performer reveals the chosen card.

An almost infinite variety of effects can be performed using this system, from predictions to envelope routines.

The Reader

The reader features both wireless transmission and on-board vibration cuing. At only 77 x 33mm it’s incredibly small, with a range that allows you to detect cards and other tagged objects with a single gesture. The battery will last for over 10 hours on a single charge and is both rechargeable and replaceable.

The Deck

The Insight deck (Phoenix edition) is the very first electronic deck to be designed from the ground up specifically for magicians. The chips and antenna are incorporated into the cards during the manufacturing process, ensuring that each card is perfectly thin and flat. The deck can be shuffled and handled in the sameway as an ordinary deck. Single and double sided blank cards are also available, as well as ultra-thin adhesive tags that can be used to make your own tagged objects.

And finally … iPhone users can unlock the wireless features of their device by purchasing the Insight Reader app available from the App Store for an extra £15. This allows for wireless cuing, reprogramming and more. 


Dimensions: 77 x 33 x 9mm 

Battery life: 12 hours (rechargeable & replaceable) 

Range: 11cm to Insight playing cards, 9cm to adhesive tags 

Includes the reader, 52 x electronic playing cards, velcro wrist strap and instructions.

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