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Chicken Nugget Playing Cards - Red Chicken Nugget Playing Cards - Red
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A delicious and hilarious rendition of the highly sought-after Jerry's Nugget playing cards. Meet the Chicken Nugget Playing Cards! Hanson Chien brings new life to the long out-of-print, legendary deck. Jerry's Nugget playing cards is admired by magicians all over the world for its unique feel t..
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Color Changing Dove Frame Color Changing Dove Frame
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This is the Advance Version of Classic Dove Frame Magic Trick. The magician shows a frame with a classic golden border having Orange Dove Picture on it, magician moves his hand over dove picture and it amazingly changes to white dove Picture, but this is not it, again magician passes his hand ov..
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Devil`s Production Hanky - 36"
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The best production silk there is! 36" square with hand-rolled hems. 10 Gram weight. Imported quality. Bright, vibrant colors. Use it as window dressing in your act, or produce it from any one of a number of props. Classic design. The perfect magic silk. ..
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Diamon Playing Cards N°5 Diamon Playing Cards N°5
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This deck is the second installment to a playing card project created by Artedame Dutch Design Studio in collaboration with Bocopo Playing Cards Company and several cardists and magicians. For this winter's release, we came up with an eye-catching deck that features a unique diamond pattern like..
Rs. 1,990.00 Rs. 990.00
Dice From Bag By NMS
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SUPER VISUAL Magic!Show an everyday brown paper bag folded FLAT. Now Magician Open it and reaches inside and removes A Large Jumbo Size Dic from Bag. Once again he shows the bag empty then reaches in and this time removes Similar Dic of another color. Magicians Repeat this for Five Times and his..
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Enchanted Treasure Chest Enchanted Treasure Chest
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The Enchanted Treasure Chest is made of the best quality wood and is handcrafted by the finest craftsmen which is proven with the high-class appearance of the chest.Effect: On the magician's table is a rich decorative solid wooden chest. The magician picks up the chest and shows it all around. ..
Rs. 6,499.00 Rs. 3,990.00
Fan to Hat (Money Version) Fan to Hat (Money Version)
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Flashy, fun and functional!The performer produces and displays a large fan of money (USD).He tosses the fan of money into the air and it transforms to a magician's top hat, decorated all over with money!He can wear the novel top hat or use it as a container for the props in his act, li..
Rs. 1,999.00 Rs. 999.00
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LIMITED EDITION: Will NOT be reprinted.GOLD is the new black! Your favorite deck of cards is now available in a metallic gold back with gold foil tuck case. Limited edition, will not be reprinted! Check out the story below for everything you need to know about the FORT NOC deck!Breaking news..
Rs. 1,590.00 Rs. 1,499.00
Fruit Sponge Ball (Apple) Fruit Sponge Ball (Apple)
New -37 %
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A sponge ball that looks just like an apple.Audiences love these, especially with all the stories you come up with! Tell them the grocery store offered a 2-for-1 special, and turn 1 ball into 2! Or the reverse - you know you bought 2, but when you got home, there was only 1! The grocer felt so b..
Rs. 1,670.00 Rs. 1,049.00
Glass Breaking Tray Pro - Remote Control Glass Breaking Tray Pro - Remote Control
-24 %
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Place a glass on the performer's table, and cover it with a glass cover. You stay away from the table. With your thoughts focused on the glass, a moment later it explodes into pieces!The blowing crystal effects have a strong impact on any type of audience. GBTP is a true and complete mentalism a..
Rs. 8,499.00 Rs. 6,490.00
Ignition by Chris Smith (Download + Gimmick)
-33 %
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Two things you always have in your pocket (keys and money) come together for an explosive miracle. ORDER BEFORE MIDNIGHT AND GET FREE SHIPPING. VERY LIMITED SUPPLY.Hand-made by Chris Smith himself, Ignition is a key that can penetrate any borrowed object - a bill, a sugar packet, even a spec..
Rs. 4,349.00 Rs. 2,900.00
Jurassic Egg Bag
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We are delighted to bring you this very off-beat Egg Bag variation sparked by The Hen Bag, described by the late Edwin of the Supreme Magic Company in his book, Edwin's Magic.Coupled with the revived interest in Dinosaurs, and the fact that some Dinosaurs are odd, four-footed creatures that lay ..
Rs. 459.00 Rs. 340.00
Magic Flash Frame (Jumbo) Magic Flash Frame (Jumbo)
-9 %
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A very versatile piece of Magical Apparatus.Magicians Shows Empty Frame from both sides, instantly a beautiful picture appears inside frame.This Frame is designed to Hold Jumbo Card or Photograph.This is the larger version made with an elegant looking frame, it is designed to Hold Perf..
Rs. 1,650.00 Rs. 1,500.00
Making a Shadowgraph Show (Limited/Out of Print) by Eric Hawkesworth
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Making a Shadowgraph Show (Limited/Out of Print) by Eric Hawkesworth – BOOK Making a Shadowgraph Show is a very rare and hard-to-find book. Eric Hawkesworth covers all of the basics. He also explains more intricate routines and details of putting on a shadowgraph show. Subjects include: sett..
Rs. 1,960.00 Rs. 1,399.00
NOC Original Bundle NOC Original Bundle
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SAVE Rs. 246 Instantly, Order NOC ORIGINAL Bundle and save Rs. 246 Instantly. Secretly marked for the suit, and Now Printed by USPCC! Since 2012, simplicity and elegance have defined the NOC series. With each edition, we strive to make it better and better. Teaming up with USPCC, we beli..
Rs. 2,745.00 Rs. 2,499.00
Ostrich Grain Leather Clip (Blue/Black) by TCC Ostrich Grain Leather Clip (Blue/Black) by TCC
-40 %
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Fine and uniform texture, soft and comfortable.Here's a great card clip! In addition to its providing protection for your playing cards, it is an accessory that can upgrade your image as a serious magician. A good card man deserves excellent card clips.Made of leather and stainless steel...
Rs. 1,990.00 Rs. 1,199.00
Penetra Bill
-20 %
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EFFECT:  A very effective and visual penetration effect, with a borrowed bill !Magician shows a card board slotted frame with a hole at the centre. He borrows a currency note and inserts into the frame.  Then he introduces a plastic needle with a satin lace through the hole in the centre of the fr..
Rs. 49.00 Rs. 39.00
Prediction Made Visible Prediction Made Visible
-17 %
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Magician shows a large envelope, and place on table, now he ask spectator to select any card from playing card deck, spectator selects random card say “queen of diamond”, now magician open envelop and get the frame out and tell I have placed my prediction in this frame before starting act. Now when ..
Rs. 300.00 Rs. 250.00
Pro Thumper
-28 %
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The Pro Thumper is one of the greatest devices ever conceived for the working mentalist that has been carefully hand-constructed. This device is a discreet and reliable cueing device for Magicians and Mentalists. This Device can pass Four different types of signals with remote control. the devic..
Rs. 3,490.00 Rs. 2,499.00
Refill Envelopes for Socks Color Prediction
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Set of 60 Envelopes only for  Socks Color Prediction Trick.if you don't have Complete Trick. To buy Original Trick Click Here  ..
Rs. 1,199.00 Rs. 849.00
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