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Classic Stiff Rope Trick but for New edge people. perform a miracle with this anywhere, suitable for magicians & Kids.Organic Looking  Easy To Do  Do it anywhere on street closeup or on a small stageThe magician shows what appears to be an ordinary 30" shoelace. He stretches it out bet..
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General Magic trickGeneral / Street / Parlor / Stage / Close Up / Magic TricksPerform Airborne With ANY Bottle!!!Casually pick up a glass and start pouring into the glass. What ?? You forgot something??Just let go of the glass and it remains SUSPENDED in mid-air! Liquid is still pou..
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Airborne Glass Bottle Model
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The performer pours liquid into a glass from a soda bottle. He "absent-mindedly" leaves the glass during the performance, and the glass stays suspended in mid air, as the liquid continues to pour into it. This model is designed for use with any standard plastic (PET) soda bottle with screw on cap. (..
Rs. 119.00
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