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Pour water from the thin air!What an amazing effect!  And there are SO MANY ways you can present it!  Perfect for theatrical productions!The magician starts with wooden lota bowl in his hands, Pour the water out of the bowl, make it emptying completely.Do some magical gesture say “ABAR..
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A guaranteed kid pleaserEasier to handle- even for smaller hands! Great for situations with a smaller audience, too!This colorful comedy trick has a startling surprise climax - a great "sucker effect" in which the audience screams that they know "how it's done" just to discover they didn't ..
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This is a compact version of the famous Hippity Hop Rabbit children’s effect.The performer shows a Gray cut out Rabbit under a rectangular cover, with a picture of a Hat.The gray rabbit is covered and after some by-play is found to have changed to a Brown Rabbit when the cover is lifted. Th..
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An absolutely stunning close-up mystery that can be performed ‘right under their nose’. The magician shows a playing card and a picture of a Princess. The Princess is laid over the card, supposedly on her bed, which is, in turn, rested over the palm. The magician makes some magical gesture and the ..
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A classic Roope Trick with Addon trick.A RED knot on a RED colored rope changes to BLUE. The BLUE knot then changes to YELLOW. On opening the Yellow knot, a yellow piece of rope is seen blended to the Red rope at the place of the knot.Very Easy to perform.Coms with Printed Instruction sh..
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Here is a flat two dimensional model of the famous Lady To Lion illusion.  The magician shows a picture of a lady in a cage, with a magician standing behind her. He describes the famous Lady To Lion Illusion, where the magician's pretty assistant is transformed into a large African L..
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This is a fantastic conjuring illusion made in a most sophisticated way so that it can be proudly presented in all types of venues with thrill and entertainment.In the effect the magician brings a peculiar-looking cutting instrument to the stage. Explaining that he would test the courage of his ..
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A classic prop with a unique finale....The arrow on the square shaped card points in the same direction, Front to back. As the performer continues to turn the card the arrow begins to point to varying directions.As a grand finale, the card is shown on the back again and it is shown to have c..
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Color Changing Feather Ring Color Changing Feather Ring
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Magician shows three white feather rings and three different color silks. One of the white feather rings is put in a black bag, with hole in the center. The red silk is now pushed through the hole in the middle of the bag and when the ring is removed it is found to be colored red. This is repeated ..
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