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If you like the classic Jacob's Ladder effect, and you love getting the audience all riled up, you'll love this one! Easy to do, easy to carry, and PLAYS BIG!Unfold a long white strip that has six large dots on it. There are three green dots and three red dots in a line. Fold the panel ba..
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A quick and popping magic trick…Start with a single sponge ball of yellow color, just squeeze it into your palm and when you open it turns into a beautiful Mango with green steam. this is very easy to do. This Product is made in a regular quality sponge not soft or supersoft,comes wi..
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A birthday cake made of sponge!The cake can be easily compressed to be produced from a Magic Pan, a Square Circle or other production prop. Great comedy effect!This colorful soft foam sponge cake automatically pops up into a birthday cake that measures about 10 inches tall from the bottom o..
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Specially Made For Kid Magic Show. This is an extremely exciting tug-of-war game full of fun in your birthday party can show a normal banana taken from a banana bunch, now pass two ropes one red & one blue from each of the corners and ask any two kids to pull the ropes from opposite..
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The LITTLE WONDER ROPE is our version of the ancient "Hindu Rope Trick" where the magician commands a rope to stand straight up in mid-air without any connections overhead. Now you can perform this miracle CLOSE UP AND SURROUNDED!A piece of rope is shown and stretched out between the magician’s ..
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Impressive, and no skill needed!Produce three-card Castel from an empty bag! It all happens in the blink of an eye!This is the miniature version of card castle.  This is a self-contained, almost automatic, foolproof magic effect. If you can reach into a paper bag, you can do the trick..
Rs. 699.00
Magic Drawer box Magic Drawer box
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The magician shows a small drawer Box with the red ball inside, he then takes the drawer out and shows the red ball freely.  the cover is also empty. Now places the drawer inside the case and says magic words “ABARA KA BADARA”When the case reopened magically red ball turns into the Blue ..
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A wonderful utility prop that can be used for hundreds of effects!You display a cloth bag attached to a wooden handle. The bag is turned inside out , the bottom can even be opened, and shown to be completely empty. A moment later you reach inside and produce....well, just about anything!This..
Rs. 399.00
Professors Nightmare Rope Trick Professors Nightmare Rope Trick
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Now you can perform one of the most popular rope tricks of all time. Show three lengths of rope, each of a different length. One is long, the second is of medium length, and the third is a short piece. Gathering the ropes together, you give them a deft tug. As if made of rubber, the ropes magica..
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Change one card into another, make a card vanish or appear, and more!This terrific magic prop helps you perform some amazing card tricks with NO SKILL!This ingenious plastic card case does all the work for you. It lets you change or vanish cards smoothly. just place the card into the case,..
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You won't believe your eyes with this fast-paced trick- it's KNOT possible!Start with a rope draped across your hand. Of course, the rope has TWO ends hanging down.Pull on the rope- it now has THREE ends! What??!!Pull again- now there are FOUR ENDS!Straighten the rope out- and now i..
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Animated Juice Effect – in between performances Magician feels thirsty, then he grabs & shows a picture-filled juice glass,then he takes a straw and holds it near the glass and acts like drinking juice from a glass, Magically juice in the picture starts decreasing in glass, Looks Tot..
Rs. 240.00
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Like tricks with dice? This one is really different!Start with the white die sitting between two black dishes. When the dishes are covering the die, it looks like a flying saucer! So you can incorporate that storyline in your routine if you'd like!In the routine, the die gets bigger every..
Rs. 20.00
Mysterious Journey Playing Cards by Solokid Mysterious Journey Playing Cards by Solokid
-9 %
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This is a set of playing cards full of mystery, over 6 months of creation for a realistic painting. Lifelike goddesses, allowing you to enjoy the details in each card. The card box is embossed with extreme precision, and the wings stretched out on the flap of the card box represent the magical wings..
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You always have the higher number!If you want to be the winner every time, this unique magic trick is for you! And it's simple to do, once you know the secret!You begin with a roulette-type spinning wheel, with letters on the inner wheel, and numbers on the outer part. You also have a ..
Rs. 220.00
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They won't be able to believe this!Just like a classic six-card repeat magic trick, this is SIX BILL REPEAT.The performer displays six 500 rupees bills, – saying this is what he got paid for his last show. His wife believes in fifty-fifty, half of everything he has is hers! So she took half ..
Rs. 99.00
Chicken Mystery Chicken Mystery
-13 %
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Kids LOVE This a lot.It’s a classic Chicken & egg routine, that works great for kid shows.The chicken mystery is a trick which you can perform in school and kids parties like birthdays etc., it really fun to perform this.Build your own story with it and start performing.The magic..
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Have fun with these unique alphabet playing cards use for magic & card games.Best For kids, EDUCATIONAL!ENRICH YOUR VOCABULARY!! AND DO MAGIC.Each card has a number on it like A-1, B-2, C-2, D-3, and so on… some card has multiplication symbol on it like J-x4, Q-x5, X-x4, etc…You can ..
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Two Beads are threaded on a string through a wand.The object of the puzzle is to release the beads from the wand without cutting the string or breaking the wand.Solution in the instructions included. ..
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Vortex Magic presents TWISTER by Danny WeiserTURN YOUR SHARPIE PEN INTO A SHAR-PEI DOG!The COOLEST trick ever devised with a Sharpie Pen. At any time in your performance, you take (or borrow) a Sharpie and instantly twist it into a balloon animal-shaped dog!This dog has been created espe..
Rs. 2,495.00
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