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LIMITED EDITION: Only 500 printed! Will NOT be reprinted.Blood and Beast Playing Cards is a deck of movie-inspired cards from The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.This awesome deck features four main fantasy characters -- Elves, Dwarfs, Humans, and Monsters. Although the characters are hig..
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Bicycle Zombie Deck Bicycle Zombie Deck
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Put down that blunt object and play a few hands with these terrifying new cards.The Zombie Deck is a totally unique deck of playing cards, both a traditional deck and a delightfully spooky set of survival tips in case of zombie attacks. Plus, gone are the usual face cards; our royals and jokers ..
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Fake Cockroaches can be used in different ways while performing.Most people I know, myself included freak out when they see Cockroach so you can pretty much guarantee a reaction to this trick.Use it as a prank to scare girls or kids.Use it with blank cards and turn Cockroach to a real ..
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Magician asks a spectator to select a playing card from the deck of cards. And then shows a blank paper from both sides.Now magician takes an incense stick (say agarbatti In Hindi or can use any wooden burned stick ) and touch to the paper in middle randomly at 2-3 spots and magically the paper ..
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 There's nothing more mundane than paying for something in a store, but you know what they'll never expect? A MOUNTAIN OF FLAMES!pen wallet to get cash but oooooops, its flaming hot, Snap the wallet shut and show everyone that nothing looks strange droppingyour favorite line—That's U..
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Mobile Holder Clip (Skull Designe metal) Mobile Holder Clip (Skull Designe metal)
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Universal Mobile Phone Holder Skull Finger Ring StandFor Magicians This is cool Utility Prop. can be used while Performing Magic Tricks with Mobile Phone like reveling Predictions etc.  The General Features of Skull Mobile Phone Finger Ring is as below :360 degree Finger Ring Mobile ..
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The Ultimate Thrilling effect in our field of entertainment, which holds the strength to attract one & all.This is a beautifully constructed unit with exquisite detail.  Beautiful woodwork in a combination of bright colors and laminate. The blade is A real steel blade slices, and extends out bot..
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Possibly the scariest card trick in the world! "Spider Weeb Card" will out impact any other effect in your repertoire. For those that want to go for the jugular and take no prisoners, Spider Web gets a more visceral reaction than any card effect ever created! In fact, there are some peop..
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Bicycle Luxury Skull limited edition card box uses blue high-grade kraft paper, black silver double color gilt printing and the use of steel embossing technology. Good physical texture, a very beautiful collection of cards. United States Playing Card Company classic bicycle back in black. Printed on..
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Mummy Poster Magic ( Poster To Nude lady )This is another Simple But Effective "Poster Magic" effect.The Performer displays a large poster (approx. 17" x 13") of Ancient Egypt Mummy completely wrapped with white bandage in picture. Now He folds the poster in half and reaches in and pulls..
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Following the success of version 1, the Alchemy cards 2 contains 54 playing cards , each with an individual original artwork of a gothic nature as only Alchemy can do. With a retro theme of Tattoo images, skulls, flames, dice and poker cards, 1940's-50's pin-ups, tribal, oriental dragons,are jus..
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Bicycle Skull Deck Bicycle Skull Deck
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The historic plate that inspired this deck just proves it: skulls never go out of styleThis design was taken from a historic plate in the Bicycle® Brand archives, then updated for the 21st century. The back design is black and white, though we kept the standard four colors on the back of the dec..
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A book and its pages are displayed to the audience and shown to be completely normal. Magician tells it is history of magic in this book and while reading Suddenly the book bursts into flames.The flames vanish in an instant and a dove cage appears from within the pages of the book which is then ..
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The finger guillotine Magic TrickThe blade can clearly be seen by you volunteer who places their finger into the "hole of doom".Watch them wince as you slam the metallic blade down to seemingly chop off their finger.As if by magic the finger remains fully intact and the blade passes thro..
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Now you can perform the same effect done by Indian mystics! This GORY effect will make your audience think you really impaled your tongue with a steel spike!Indian mystics display their powers by piercing their body with sharp objects. The area doesn't bleed. NOW YOU CAN DO IT TOO with our SAFE..
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This is Deluxe Version of Classic Fire Wallet, in good Quality and magetic Locking system.This trick is sure to make your name the HOTTEST ticket in town…literally!Performer displays a wallet. He opens it and flames leap out. "Wow", he exclaims, "this money is really hot". He closes the wall..
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Tricks with fire have an unusual appeal of their own.  A magician who produces fire from his bare hands, somehow seems more dramatic and spectacular than one producing a Ball or Silk because of the dangerous nature. One of the several fire tricks which can be used as a novel touch in your act is the..
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A glazing 19" steel blade appears to slide right down your throat, COMPLETELY DOWN to the metal handle. Use this trick sword to imitate real skill, or as a gag. Looks great from all angles and is VERY CONVINCING even from a few feet away. Specially made thin steel blade collapses (rolls) back on it..
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A Quality steel Sword For sword through neck Trick,a sword that appears absolutely rigid, just like a real sword.Sword is a study 18.5" long (overall length is over 23.25" long!)Color of stock & blade handle varies.  ..
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A clean and highly visual penetration effect, which you can perform on a large stage or even a drawing room, completely surrounded by the audience.The performer displays a Neck block, that imprisons the neck, and a sword, that passes right through it. The sword can be demonstrated as rigid, (swi..
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