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This is a completely new & Improved version of our bestseller ghost envelope trick. Now in white-paper envelopes looks more organic and regular props. After using for years, we are now upgraded our classic ghost envelope trick with the secrete writer which makes your secrete writing more eas..
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Number 4 Envelope Number 4 Envelope
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This is some very clever thinking from Blake Vogt. It looks like a regular envelope but has a beautiful 4 way out system built-in. And the best bit? The spectator removes the contents of the envelope themselves.It’s not just a multiple out device, it can also be used to switch cards, billets, pa..
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After 3 years of development, the mind that brought you WINNERS DICE is proud to present PSI-POWER, the revolutionary remote-control system. Imagine having the ability to control objects from over 15 feet away! PSI-POWER is a revolutionary gimmick that you can take with you anywhere and seemingl..
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NMS  constantly developing Props which looks complete organic and plays a big role to astonish your audience. The GHOST ENVELOPE is a live example of the success of our hardworking Development team. This is 100% working; GHOST ENVELOPE is a UTILITY that allows you to predict ANYTHING. Don't ..
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The Impossible Switch Envelope is a specially designed envelope that allows you to perform prediction effects, ConFabulation effects or even perform a Cards Across type effect.A spectator holds an envelope with a prediction inside. Randomly chosen audience members freely name anything; foods, tr..
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Envylope (red) by Brandon David and Chris Turchi
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"EXPERIENCE THE ENVY"A brilliant, envy-inducing , adaptation of the PH Vanishing Deck...for a guaranteed "TOTAL WHITE-OUT POWER SURGE" to any card routine!A lonely lost card is about to appear in an envelope in your pocket...when "BAM!" the FULL DECK in your hands VISIBLY MORPHS into an ENVELO..
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