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Adairs - A Queen Like No Other
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The Parade of Kings, (or our version titled Dream Queen) has been one of the finest and most popular 4 card packet effects ever created. Now Ian Adair has come up with another variation – A super-duper self-contained packet trick which runs as follows:A plastic pocket containing a set of four c..
Rs. 69.00
Mis-Prediction ( 4 Cards ) Mis-Prediction ( 4 Cards )
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The magician shows an envelope that contains a prediction and shows spectator their card. He then opens the envelope from which he pulls out a card; he places the card on the table saying that it is the chosen card...But he is wrong. The magician then removes another card only to find himself in t..
Rs. 49.00
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A classic effect for close-up coin workers, this is a turned box specially made for use with Half Dollar Coins, or any coins of a similar size, etc.  The box by itself is completely innocent and can be thoroughly examined by the spectators.  With the help of a few simple moves, you can do some excel..
Rs. 270.00
Little Door by Roddy McGhie Little Door by Roddy McGhie
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Stock: Out Of Stock
From the creator of 'FLUX' and 'Sew-On' comes the incredible 'Little Door'…LIMITED STOCK. EACH UNIT IS HAND-MADE BY RODDY MCGHIEEffect: You tell the story of a trick a magician once showed you. You explain that he was able to name your chosen card using a little secret door in the card case...
Rs. 3,649.00
Unhanded by JP Vallarino Unhanded by JP Vallarino
Out Of Stock
Stock: Out Of Stock
Imagine being in full control of a spectator's card, without EVER touching the cards. Impossible!? Welcome to J.P. Vallarino's UNHANDED!This is the ultimate card control utility - they choose, they sign, they cut, they shuffle, and they can even place the deck back into the card box to make it c..
Rs. 3,249.00
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Astound your audience as you perform this quick and easy magic trick!The Magic Pen is forced through a bill and then removed; leaving NO hole in the bill! Best of all, the Magic Pen and bill can be handed out for complete examination to shock even the most skeptical of observers.  Highly..
Rs. 159.00
Jumping Cross Paddle Jumping Cross Paddle
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This is the Perfect paddle to perform pocket miracles.  The ultimate magic paddle. As a result of YEARS of real-world use.This paddle is made from 100% dry-erase board. Whatever you write or draw on the paddle can immediately be wiped clean with your fingers. Draw anything on the paddle, transfo..
Rs. 299.00 Rs. 199.00
-20 %
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Object to impossible location is one of the most classic, direct, and powerful effects in Magic. Its history can be traced back to more than a hundred years ago.Just like you, we have seen countless versions of this effect, which also made us constantly ponder the question: What is the ideal ver..
Rs. 7,400.00 Rs. 5,900.00
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This is a Popular pocket-size mindreading trick that can be used in so many ways!Really startling effect gets a shocked and amazed reaction from your audience every time!These small Pocket size slates look ordinary in every way.But watch what happens when you place a piece of chalk on to..
Rs. 599.00
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Highly Visual Trick for closeup… small objects like a coin, key, or currency bill go inside a closed card box visuallyMagicians take out the box of the regular playing card deck. Close it and wave over the signed coin, key, or currency bill, Magically signed coin vanished from the pa..
Rs. 299.00
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The magician take out a bag with a voodoo kit, a voodoo doll, needles, and left a letter inside the bag, and left it untouched.Then the magician asks the spectator to freely choose how many needles he/she wants to use and asks to freely stab it at the voodoo doll at any spot he/she desires.A..
Rs. 3,700.00
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Four Same Number cards are shown face up.The magician puts them together in a packet, and as heThis same move is repeated and each time the following card appears face down while the previous one is face up.The back changes from blue to red, and in the end, each back has a different co..
Rs. 149.00
The Impossible Case The Impossible Case
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One of the most impossible magic trick ever seen. The magician shows the spectators a tiny briefcase.He puts it down on the table, opens it up, and produces a full size real golf ball from it. The golf ball is much bigger than the brief case, and it seems impossible that such a large ball co..
Rs. 449.00
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This is a close-up version of a classic Maurice Fogel can perform many different routines with these utility bag sets.Best mentalism effect for closeup & parlor or even stage situations.Imagine, while your back is turned, four spectators each pick a different flavored sweet an..
Rs. 599.00
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The magician shows four Poker Chips of four different colours. The Poker Chips are laid out in front of the magician. Two of the Chips are covered by two Cards. The magician pretends to invisibly remove one Chip from under one Card, and place it under the other card. When the cards are lifted up, bo..
Rs. 120.00
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The perfect ESP effect for couples!A volunteer cuts a few cards from a shuffled ESP deck and hands over the remaining cards to the performer.The performer deals 5 Cards onto the table. The volunteer then takes the top card, remembers it, inserts it back into the stack & it is then placed ins..
Rs. 920.00
N6 Coin Set by N2G N6 Coin Set by N2G
-28 %
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Since 2013, we have released N series coin props, followed by N2, N3 N4 and N5, they were so popular in the world. But today, in less than a year we followed up with a really great prop, N6.N6 is the latest generation of N-Series coin magic props. It is totally different with the previous versio..
Rs. 5,990.00 Rs. 4,299.00
Paper To Currency
Out Of Stock
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Everyone loves tricks with money!This is a very, very easy and visual magic trick!Show your audience five full of blank papers. from Front and back clearlynow just fold the papers in half and shake them. it magically turns into Rs. 500 currency can show the notes also a..
Rs. 249.00
Twins (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by John Morton
-50 %
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A simple which hand routine that can be performed anywhere. Also includes John's impromptu versions of Which hand, Saucy Kurotsuke & the Guilty secret society.?Totally sold out at the Blackpool Magic Convention 2022Praise for The Twins: "The Twins is a genius trick that you can carry with yo..
Rs. 1,189.00 Rs. 600.00
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The new PK ring has all the same qualities as previous rings, Solid as oak, and as pretty as silk, this Black ring is shaped like a regular slim wedding band.For those of you wondering 'Why ANOTHER P.K. Ring?'... the answer is simple. YOU, the customer wanted more power and colors. YOU, the cust..
Rs. 400.00
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