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Rainbow Deck Rainbow Deck
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The magician displays a deck of cards.  The cards are different from a normal deck because all the backs are different. The magician removes two cards from the deck placing them face up on the table.  Two spectators introduce the cards into the deck at positions they select.The magician removes ..
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MATERIALIZE, QC by Anthony Vasquez MATERIALIZE, QC by Anthony Vasquez
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FROM THE MIND OF ANTHONY VASQUEZ COMES THIS NEW, INCREDIBLE AND VISUAL EFFECT, IN WHICH YOU WILL BE ABLE TO MATERIALIZE YOUR SPECTATORS THOUGHTS IN A VERY VISUAL WAY.Anthony Vasquez is a young and very creative magician from Peru. Specialized in card magic, during the past years, he have been wo..
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The magician introduces the Instapad by saying that it will be important in a few moments. He can put it on the table, or give it to a spectator.A card is freely chosen and signed. Then, the magician can perform his favorite card routine, keeping the Instapad aside for the big finale.Magical..
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“FIERY IMPRESSION” is the easiest and most effective way to reveal selected cards. Effect: The impressions of a card chosen by the spectator appear on the magician's fingers when heated by a fire. An amazing and mind-blowing trick that is very easy to perform.A Specially designed metal devic..
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This is a self-working, visual magic effect that is a treat to the eyes of even a magician.The magician shows a packet of regular-size cards which has Ace of Spades, King of Spades, Queen of Spades, Jack of Spades and Ten of Spades respectively in a row. He says, “These cards are magic cards, le..
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Effect : The performer displays 6 cards – the Ace – King – Queen – Jack and 10 of Spades (a Royal Flush) and a Joker, which he says usually substitutes for any card in the deck.The Ace is removed from the spread of 5 cards, and placed face down in a small window envelope, through which it is alw..
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We have produced another novel and off-beat revelation of a selected card by Ian Adair, for use with any card deck, requiring no special sleights. This is the effect in Ian’s own words :———————————————————————-Your audience will laugh when your card prediction is finally revealed.   ..
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A very effective 3 card effect, where a Queen vanishes from a set of three cards. The performer displays a spread of three cards – two Five of Spades, with a Queen of Hearts between them. Cards are turned face down, and when laid out face up again, the Queen has vanished completely – the three car..
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Drop Red by Thomas Badar Drop Red by Thomas Badar
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Blackpool 2023 - The trick of the convention.Watch the trailer to see this fooler effect in full! Two freely chosen cards are dropped into the deck and they find a third chosen and signed card. The trick is repeated and the second time the two cards find the Royal Flush. The trick feels like a s..
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This is the Ultimate Utility card for every card magicianPerform this for Girls on the street or for a couple in your event …these specially printed cards can be used in many different ways,you can create a unique routine with this cards with your own creative ideas.Basic routine – T..
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Switch-A-Two Switch-A-Two
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A devastating split second, invisible switch. Switch cards right before your spectator's eyes.20 years ago, a ground breaking switch hit the magic world that left magicians rubbing their eyes in disbelief.Mark Mason along with Mak Magic introduced Switch-A-Roo by Russel Niedzwiecki. It reall..
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Card Fountain ( Remote Control ) Card Fountain ( Remote Control )
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The finest card fountains You will ever own are crafted, and specially made In Metal Body for Long life use.The Remote Control Card Fountain is a beautifully crafted piece of magical apparatus.A card is freely selected and signed by the spectator. Throw the cards into a hat or box and, on yo..
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Together 2.0 (Red) by Snake Together 2.0 (Red) by Snake
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Together 2.0. This incredibly visual torn-and-restored effect is surprising, and its method is unique in the world of magic. We join two systems in one, allowing you to perform different ways of reconstruction.Producing Together 2.0 took us a year. Handmade one by one and examined to deliver the..
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This is a Multipurpose Gaff card set, use your own creativity to create a unique routineThe magician asks the spectator to choose one card from the deck. The chosen card is “3 of Clubs”. Then the magician places his fingers on the card and moves his thumb to the right. As the position of the ..
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Menta Card Box Menta Card Box
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One of our most versatile Card Boxes.A spectator shuffles an UNPREPARED deck of cards, which is placed by him; face down in a wooden box just large enough to hold it.The box is closed and held by the spectator. The performer, standing several feet away names the uppermost card in the box. Th..
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Card Trick Combo Pack Card Trick Combo Pack
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Save 30% On Retail Price This is a Combo pack of our latest Released tricks. This pack contains 5 card magic tricksNumber Mystery  Wild card ( 9 cards ) Mis-prediction A Matter of test A queen like No Other These all above 5 tricks have excellent effects in closeup. each..
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The magician shows an envelope that contains a prediction and shows spectator their card. He then opens the envelope from which he pulls out a card; he places the card on the table saying that it is the chosen card...But he is wrong. The magician then removes another card only to find himself in t..
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Leave your spectators stunned with this Wild Card Magic Trick!This is the card trick that will leave jaws dropping. An effect that has baffled Magicians for years is easily learned with Wild Card.A great packet card trick that you can perform anytime with no preparation, ready to go, works b..
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Show a card back with 4 holes in four corners... no optical or other illusions, they are real. Show one, two, three, and four holes. In a blink, the 4 holes suddenly jump to the center of the card and holes from the corner vanish!It's mind-blowing, yet true, with NO BLACK ART or anything compar..
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Here is a great and original version of “The Three Card Monte” for parlor and stage. Invented and produced by our long-term partner in India, Mr. Uday Jadugar. It is simple, visual and nicely made, and we are sure you will like it.The magician shows an elegant display, in which three jumbo cards..
Rs. 2,199.00
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