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HD Thumb Tip (Jumbo)
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All new HD Thumb-tip looks like The Real Human Thumb.Thumbtips aren't designed to be seen, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't look as close to your actual thumb as possible.Therefore, this HD Thumbtip is a perfect solution; it designed a thumbtip with painstaking detail to match the curves..
Rs. 89.00
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It is Similar to the famous D'Lite thumb tip magic trick (it its a thump tip with a light in it), but better value for money (and the D'Lite is a sealed unit inside. Better quality, higher value product, that does the same job.)Pluck light from thin air, make the light change from hand to hand, ..
Rs. 199.00
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The Thumb tip is a secret accessory that makes many seemingly impossible miracles possible. Use it to Vanish or Produce a silk, or vanish a lit cigarette in a borrowed handkerchief. Use it to restore a torn and burnt note.. And dozens of other incredible effects. This is imported from China ; and i..
Rs. 79.00
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Professional Silk Magic...That`s Easy to Do!The magician displays four small, different colored silk handkerchiefs and pushes them inside his closed fist. When he opens his hand, the separate silks have joined into one large, 4 colored silk!Comes Complete with 100% Italian Silk handkerchiefs, thumb ..
Rs. 109.00
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This standard plastic thumb tip is ideal for any magic act. It is lifelike in appearance and sturdy enough for thousands of performances. ..
Rs. 29.00
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