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Frame Up

Frame Up

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The performer brings out a large envelope, with a prediction inside.
A spectator now selects a card from a deck of playing cards.
It is, for example, the four of diamonds.

The magician proclaims that his prediction is successful. The envelope is opened, and its contents removed: A framed piece of transparent plastic, on which is printed an entire deck of cards, face on one side, backs on the other.

Well, of course the prediction is correct---all the cards are there!
It is not, however very impressive. "Okay," says the magician, "let's take it a step further."
The participant is asked to observe the location of the selected card in the display, then to hold his or her hand above the frame and concentrate on that card.
When the person's hand is removed, it is now seen that one of the face-up cards has turned face-down: The chosen one!

Furthermore, when the board is turned over, one card in the face-down array is now face-up; The four of diamonds.

And, believe it or not, you can immediately hand the board to the spectator for examination.
The special board is self-contained---nothing added or taken away. Yes, it is cleverly gimmicked, but they won't find the secret.
Supply your own deck of cards, and you're ready to go!!

・The back of the cards are specially printed Bicycle cards.

*This product comes with detailed English instruction

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