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Wordless Cords

Wordless Cords
Wordless Cords
Wordless Cords
Wordless Cords
Wordless Cords
Wordless Cords
Wordless Cords
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The story of our eternity is told using five different colored cords and a small bag.

This trick is ideal for being performed to a camera as well as to a live audience.

The Wordless Story concept has appeared in many forms, but this multi-phase magic trick with ropes makes it even more memorable. A unique way of sharing the story of God's plan of salvation using colors and magic. 

Effect – 

The performer takes five colored cords out of a bag and shows them freely.

The magician takes one rope and ties a knot on it then with little magic that knot is physically removed from the rope, he will do the same for the rest of the 4 ropes. 

All These knots are magically removed, one by one.

Now the knots are put into the bag along with the long green cord. When the green cord is taken out, the knots are all tied along it. But wait, there’s more! When the knots are untied, the colors are now part of the rope. They are blended into the actual rope…WOW!

and the bag can be shown empty before and after. 

This illustrates how all these things are tied together concerning our eternal destiny.

What you will get 

  • you will get a set of 5 ropes and knots 
  • One special rope with 4 colors on it 
  • & online video instruction on how to perform

you also have to use your own change bag to perform the trick

if you don't have a change bag you can it from our collection we do have many different varieties Click here to see  

Gospel Presentation Ideas :

Wordless Cord is a complete presentation, ideal for church, school, and youth workers who want to 'pull something out of the bag' when they want to share the Good News.

This is A unique way of sharing the story of God's plan of salvation using colors and magic. 

The colors used to tell God's story of salvation.

Yellow knot - reminds us of our Heavenly King who loves us. Black knot - the sins that separate us from God. Red knot - Jesus dying for our sins. White knot - we can be forgiven. Green knot - the new life we find in Christ.

The effect is a great opportunity to remind everyone that God has thrown us a life line. The question is will we take hold of it?

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