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Light Heavy Chest (Improved)

Light Heavy Chest (Improved)
Light Heavy Chest (Improved)
Light Heavy Chest (Improved)
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Light Heavy Chest (Improved)
Light Heavy Chest (Improved)
Light Heavy Chest (Improved)
Light Heavy Chest (Improved)
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Play With Their Mind 

This is the much Improved and clean version of the classic Light Heavy chest, with this new improvement now you can show the box from inside and from the bottom too, plus in addon now the box is a normal-looking cardboard box. 

Box Looks Total Organic, angle-proof, and even easier to use. 

It is a Light Heavy Box that provides a double deception! How could an ordinary cardboard box–a cardboard box you could normally pick up with one finger–be impossible for the spectator to lift? After all, it’s only a cardboard box!

This is the organic-looking common everyday item cardboard box, WHICH CAN BE SHOWN FROM INSIDE & OUTSIDE ALL AROUND EVEN FROM THE BOTTOM. 

a smooth, silent operating gimmick that allows you to perform it very easily. 

what you get in this trick. 

  1. A ready-to-use complete constructed cardboard box, 
  2. complete performance & teaching video 
  3. Full Printed instruction on how to install the gimmick in any 9x9 cardboard box ( if you wish to change the outer box in the future ) 

This is the most powerful and clean trick for today's mentalists, looks totally impossible on stage. 


Performance Effect –

Place the Empty Box on a table. show it from all around.

Ask a member of the audience to join you for the Light and Heavy Resistance experiment. 
Let him lift the box- he can do it easily. 
Mention that you have the ability to take his strength away, merely by possessing some personal item of his. 

Let him hand you any item from their pocket- a handkerchief, a coin, a wallet. 
Place the item inside the box, and close it up. 

Now when he tries to lift the box, he finds it very difficult! 
It's like his strength is gone! 
Of course, you open the box again, return the item, and he is now able to easily lift the box once more.

Show it empty from inside and from all around

You can also use this presentation: after explaining that some items appear much lighter than they actually are, ask the spectator to lift the box. 


Box size is 9″ x 9″ x 9″ and includes written instructions and an online tutorial.

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