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Babel Book Test (Memory Of Tomorrow book) 2.0

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Babel Book Test (Memory Of Tomorrow book) 2.0
Babel Book Test (Memory Of Tomorrow book) 2.0
Babel Book Test (Memory Of Tomorrow book) 2.0
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Babel Book Test (Memory Of Tomorrow book) 2.0
Babel Book Test (Memory Of Tomorrow book) 2.0
Babel Book Test (Memory Of Tomorrow book) 2.0
Babel Book Test (Memory Of Tomorrow book) 2.0
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Babel is packed full of features allowing you to present miraculous book test effects. The novel has been carefully designed with one simple goal: to create super direct, super strong mentalism. 

You don't touch anything, you don't even look, and yet you can read the spectator's mind and reveal his thoughts in an impossible way. 

Multiple divinations, prediction, memory feats: all of these, and more, are described in the detailed manual, along with Vincent Hedan's tips and ideas to perform these impressive effects. 

Babel contains 1 special book in English and a download link to the instructions describing the 6 effects and 15+ principles. 

Vincent Hedan was born in France in 1983. As an Entertainer and creator, he developed his own style, creating shows with his original illusions, and performing his magic everywhere in France, also performing in North America, Australia, Europe, and Asia. 

In 2008, Vincent won the 1st Prize in Mentalism at the French Magic Championship, with Rainman, a memory act inspired by Dustin Hoffman's famous character. In 2011, he became a member of the prestigious F.F.F.F. convention in Buffalo, USA. In 2012, Vincent received the Award of Merit at the Canadian Magic Championship and was chosen to compete for France at the FISM World Championship. 

Comes 1 Book Only (Memory Of Tomorrow book)  with Online Instruction Link 



"The attention to detail and construction of effects implemented in Babel indicates a passion for achieving a certain set of impossible mentalist goals in as convincing and elegant a manner as possible. It's hard to imagine a more complete accomplishment of this task. Bravo!" 
- Francis Menotti, Magic Magazine 

"Watch, listen and learn all you can from a bright star of the future." 
- Luke Jermay 

"One of the finest, most ingenious minds in mentalism." 
- Ian Rowland 

"Very original and creative thoughts." 
- Marc Paul 

"Intelligent, deceptive and most importantly, magical." 
- Joe Barry 

"Brilliant would be an understatement. The amount of thought and genius in this creative is staggering." 
- Ning Cai 

"One of my all-time favorite performers of miracles." 
- Shawn Farquhar 

"I'm a big fan of your work. Your creations reveal the nimbleness of your mind." 
- Jared Kopf


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