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Kids Show Magic
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Multiplying Billiard Balls - Silver -21%

Multiplying Billiard Balls - Silver

A classic of magic! One Silver ball, held at the tips of the fingers, suddenly multiplies to two. A..

Rs. 150.00 Rs. 119.00


TKO is a brand new utility device created for the serious magician. Vanish small objects instantly, ..

Rs. 399.00

Flying Spoon

The magician shows one spoon which magically multiplies into two. Then, amazingly, one more spoon ap..

Rs. 499.00

Ice From Water -45%

Ice From Water

This is an effect that looks like a REAL miracle. The performer places a crystal clear glass or bow..

Rs. 450.00 Rs. 249.00

Diamond Cut and Restore Card

Do you want to perform the Torn & Restored effect, but it is quite difficult? Well your wait is ov..

Rs. 199.00

Moving Increasing and Coloring Bottles

Effect: The magician shows an empty tube and a shining black bottle to the audience. Then he puts th..

Rs. 3,500.00

Rainbow Rings -50%

Rainbow Rings

There are Rings in the magician's hands. And these three ring can be displayed all red color with do..

Rs. 200.00 Rs. 100.00

Cut & Restore Necklace

Magician Display Beautiful Necklace in his hands, now he take his necklace in hand and cut the threa..

Rs. 299.00

Wand To Table

The Perfect Opener for the Manipulator! And stage magicians. A must have for your stage act! This hi..

Rs. 1,949.00

Hot Book (Economy)

When you open this book, it BURSTS INTO FLAMES!   The basic effect is you pick up a book and read ..

Rs. 379.00

Dye Tube

Dye Tube With Silk  You start by showing both hands empty. Then you take a red silk and push it int..

Rs. 349.00

Pip Card (Round Dot)

This is New Version of Classic Pip Card Magic, Due to its Black Color and colored Dots the trick wil..

Rs. 399.00

Coin Production Hanky

Magician displays a handkerchief. He picks up a clear glass tumbler and covers it with the handkerch..

Rs. 99.00

Locking Card Box Plastic

The Card Change Box is one of the classic utility props, with a host of applications. As the name su..

Rs. 179.00

Hopping Silk

The magician displays a square board with five holes on it, like the five spots on a die. A silk i..

Rs. 279.00

Topsy Turvey Color Changing Plumes

The magician shows three plumes all of which are colored yellow. These are passed behind his back, ..

Rs. 199.00

Silk To Rose

Walk out on stage (or platform or close-up). Magician Show RED silk and put it inside Palm, Suddenly..

Rs. 199.00

Repeat Instant Art Out Of Stock

Repeat Instant Art

Most magicians are familiar with the Instant Art or Color-It pictures, where a black & white picture..

Rs. 229.00

Zig Zag Pencil

The Zig Zag Pencil is one of the best close-up effects and was a hit with magicians when first intro..

Rs. 79.00

Throw Coil - Mylar Silver

The performer throws out his hands, and gleaming several silver Streamers shoot out, making for a ve..

Rs. 209.00

Jumbo Wonder Glass

The magician shows a large glass full of milk or any dark colored liquid. He says that he would like..

Rs. 179.00

Stripes Blow Blendo

This is a very direct and effective "Blendo" routine. Two small silks, one colored red and one whit..

Rs. 499.00

Super Cup (with DVD)

NEW! This is a totally new type of "Chop Cup" that does not use the traditional Chop Cup method. A..

Rs. 399.00

Card-Go Plus

Adapted from Card Go by Norman, the mechanics have been modified so that this prop can be used to va..

Rs. 849.00