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Change Bag - Repeat

This is a very high quality change bag. OK, I must admit, when this repeat model first came out, I..

Rs. 399.00

Impact Cube

A puzzle cube visually & instantly changes into chocolate? Super Visual Cube Magic! (Effect) Magici..

Rs. 689.00

Split Multicolor Streamer

The performer displays a streamer striped Red and Yellow, which is shown freely all around..   He w..

Rs. 599.00

Its Magic Bag Blendo

The performer displays four large silks colored black, white, red and yellow and an empty blue bag. ..

Rs. 899.00

Mysterious Box

Here is a clever and surprising little box that is guaranteed to deliver huge entertainment value! G..

Rs. 1,649.00

Magic Coloring Book - Mini

We have produced several models of the Coloring Book, and this version is Mini pocket Size. it is ha..

Rs. 59.00

Zipper Egg Bag

The Zipper Egg Bag is similar in working and effect to the Regular Egg Bag. An egg placed in the bag..

Rs. 179.00

Sam Super Ropes

First introduced over 25 years ago, and discontinued for manufacturing problems for several years, w..

Rs. 199.00

Ball to Rubik and Dice By Tora

A beautiful and well crafted prop. This is your classic Die tranformation routine.  A tube and small..

Rs. 4,499.00

Rosy Cards

Magician displays 3 identical cards that printed green stem and makes magical gesture towards the ca..

Rs. 109.00

2D Fork Bending

How the fork in the picture was bent...?    This is totally different fork bending!!  There is an i..

Rs. 689.00

Malini Egg Bag (with Egg)

Easy and fun! Many routines have been written for the Egg Bag, because there is so much you ..

Rs. 179.00

Miracle Die Box

The Die Box is one of the classics of magic - and thisminiature version uses a die only 1" in size, ..

Rs. 149.00

Multiplying Candles Large Pair

MULTIPLYING CANDLES - LARGE, 2 SETS/ R&L HAND We are now offering the multiplying nested candles,..

Rs. 459.00

Patriotic Ropes

Performer shows 3 short lengths of Ropes colored green, White and Orange. Ropes are tied together in..

Rs. 79.00

Increasing Card Spots

  This item is quite exciting and particularly dedicated to children's entertainment as it makes th..

Rs. 219.00

Cola Cans Production ( Props + DVD )

Effect- Magician shows two empty tubes. Now magician makes a magical gesture... WOW!! A cola can a..

Rs. 1,649.00

Lady to Lion

Here is a flat two dimensional model of the famous Lady To Lion illusion.  The magician shows a..

Rs. 109.00

Food To Go

A Brand New Effect that we are sure will be part of your next performances!  Imagine being able t..

Rs. 549.00

Rope Escape Out Of Stock

Rope Escape

Rope Escape Routines are magician’s Favorite form many decades! This is another one, in & out Rope ..

Rs. 300.00

Dye Tube Blendo

A true classic in magic! Use an unexpected method to change the Four color Silks to Blendo scarf ..

Rs. 349.00

Arsy Varsy Bottle by Tora Magic

The Performer displays a wine bottle, and an empty cylinder which just fits over the bottle. The ..

Rs. 1,399.00

Aqua Change Vase

The Aqua Change Vase can do SO MANY things! Change milk into confetti! Colored liquid becomes a colo..

Rs. 399.00

Miracle Bag - 3 Times Out Of Stock

Miracle Bag - 3 Times

This is Utility prop can be used like famous trick changing bag, but in this version you can change ..

Rs. 649.00