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Flower & Silk Magic

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This looks like a long stem Single Sunflower. This deluxe version is made from cloth and not from feathers.It is fitted with a special mechanism that makes the flower wilt or droop whenever you wish.An excellent comedy item for any children entertainer.Perfect for Kids party shows to make yur ..
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Penetrations make for impressive magic effects, specially when the penetration involves fire. We offer you a Candle Through Silks item, where a lit candle passes through three large silks threaded through a square tube.The magician displays a fold flat decorated tube with three large holes on two ..
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This is the complete new type of Candle Through Silk effect where in everything can be inspected both before and after the performance. You pass a pair of tubes with two pairs of holes on each tube and a pair of silks for inspection. The items are then retrieved from the audience and the silks are ..
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