Flower & Silk Magic

Flower & Silk Magic
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Spring Flowers Regular (PVC) - Red

This is a beautiful production item that has a dazzling effect on the eye! Your bouquet of flowers c..

Rs. 179.00

Rainbow Rings -50%

Rainbow Rings

There are Rings in the magician's hands. And these three ring can be displayed all red color with do..

Rs. 200.00 Rs. 100.00

Rose To Silk

This is a neat magical touch which can be used by any performer in his act. The performer has a Rose..

Rs. 109.00

Cane Plums Deluxe

A bouquet of extremely realistic flowers with a special base allows it to be used in conjunction wit..

Rs. 349.00

Dye Tube

Dye Tube With Silk  You start by showing both hands empty. Then you take a red silk and push it int..

Rs. 349.00

Hopping Silk

The magician displays a square board with five holes on it, like the five spots on a die. A silk i..

Rs. 279.00

Stripes Blow Blendo

This is a very direct and effective "Blendo" routine. Two small silks, one colored red and one whit..

Rs. 499.00

Dove Pan Botania (New All Cloth Model) Out Of Stock

Dove Pan Botania (New All Cloth Model)

This is an accessory to use with your Dove Pan when you do not wish to, or are unable to use a real ..

Rs. 449.00

Future Fungus New

This is the new version of Classic Future Fungus, it is having very good quality feathers with Do..

Rs. 89.00

Color Changing Silk

The performer holds up a two silk tied together having size 12-inch each and runs it through his han..

Rs. 159.00

Pro-Van Change Hanky

This is a versatile Hanky (foulard) by which you can produce or vanish any small object like Billiar..

Rs. 229.00

Future Fungus

A stalk of futuristic fungus is shown by the magician. The top three flowers are yellow because of t..

Rs. 69.00

Bag to Flag

Show a cloth bag. Place three silks red, green and white inside. A shake and the entire bag transfor..

Rs. 849.00

Blooming Blossom

If you can move your finger, you can do this trick! Red flower blooms- and disappears- at your comm..

Rs. 79.00

Silk 24 Inches Pure

Perfect for productions or manipulation or for use on stage with illusions. Pure Silk is woven into ..

Rs. 229.00

Silk 18 Inches Pure

Perfect for productions or manipulation or for use on stage with illusions. Pure Silk is woven into ..

Rs. 139.00

Dream Bag

The best made version of this effect. An empty paper bag is shown. Reach in with empty hands and pro..

Rs. 299.00

Jumbo Flower Wallet

You show a black wallet. When you open it, it is seen to contain a flower. Keep the flower on the ta..

Rs. 199.00

Middle Diddle Silk

Hey Diddle Diddle, the silk jumps to the middle! Effect: The magician displays a board with three..

Rs. 189.00

Silk Rainbow Blendo ( 36" )

A STUNNING and VERY visual effect! Magician displays three large 15" colored silks - GREEN, YELLO..

Rs. 2,199.00

Black & White Gloves to Bouquet Out Of Stock

Black & White Gloves to Bouquet

The magician enters either wearing a Black and white gloves or carrying them. If worn, they are remo..

Rs. 199.00

Spring Flower Regular (Myler) - Multicolor

This is a beautiful production item that delighted audiences for over 100 years! This set is our LAR..

Rs. 149.00

Handkerchief Pull

This pull is one of the most popular gimmicks for vanishing a silk. This effect was originally prese..

Rs. 109.00

Silk Vanishing Wand

The Magician displays a silk, and with the wave of his wand the silk instantly disappears. And I mea..

Rs. 349.00