Flower & Silk Magic

Flower & Silk Magic
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Silk & Glass Mystery (with Silk)

Display an empty glass and 3 different color small silks. The magician pushes 2 silks (say blue,yell..

Rs. 449.00

Color Changing Plumes with Stand

The effect is a popular one, and familiar to most magicians. The performer displays six different co..

Rs. 449.00

Production Fan Mylar ( 15 inches )

These mylar fans are easy to use and re-use in any production equipment such as square and circle, d..

Rs. 139.00

Color Changing Silk to String of Silks Production

The Performer displays a Red and White Silk each approximately 10" x 10" , tied together ..

Rs. 799.00

Silk Fountain Box

New Silk Production box with improved design for even greater ease of handling.  (Effect) Magician ..

Rs. 299.00

Drooping Sunflower Bouquet #5

This is another version of Wilting Rose or Dropping Flower. However, in this version the magician ho..

Rs. 299.00

Four Square Bag Blendo

The performer displays 4 large different colored silks and an empty black bag. The bag is shown insi..

Rs. 849.00

Silk Blow Dye Tube

The Dye Tube is a gimmick that allows you to change the color of an ordinary silk or one silk for an..

Rs. 169.00

Silk Blow Prediction

This is a very novel card prediction effect.   Performer points to a small tube on the ta..

Rs. 519.00

Ultra Fine 18" Silk - Happy Birthday

Ultra Fine 18" Silk - Happy Birthday Magic with Silks is colorful and appealing for any audience. S..

Rs. 229.00

Instant Torch To Rose

This is New improved Version of Old Torch to Rose effect. Perform Torch to rose effect One handed no..

Rs. 249.00

Visual Color Changing Plumes (#3)

Very easy to do - fools ADULTS but can be performed by kids 6 and up! Three different color feather..

Rs. 299.00

Thumb Tip Card Silk Set - QH

This is a comprised of a pair of miniature (about 8" square) fine quality silks, one with a picture ..

Rs. 99.00

Butterfly Silk 36 inch

One of t he best production silks available ! This is a fantastic giant 36" square silk. Beautiful b..

Rs. 399.00

Thumb Tip Silk - 6 Inch

Top quality silk scarves make ALL the difference in your magic! These fine silks are the perfect ..

Rs. 29.00

Silk Fountain Multicolor

This is an extremely colorful silk production.  The performer displays a single silk, which is bunc..

Rs. 649.00

Chameleon Silk - Spotted

Display a long streamer of black silk. Holding one end of the streamer he shakes it. The streamer m..

Rs. 399.00

Through the Incredible

A performer holding a round tube, tube which is closed at one end, the tube can be handover to audie..

Rs. 649.00

Flower Snow Storm

Perfect for your  "Snow Storm in China" routine with new colorful touch. Performer shows simple p..

Rs. 159.00

Bare Hand Production Flower Glitter

Bare hand flower production is a visually beautiful effect. At any time during his show, the magic..

Rs. 119.00

Flag Staff Production ( Indian Flag ) Out Of Stock

Flag Staff Production ( Indian Flag )

Just think about it: At the end of your performance produce a GIANT Flag for the finale! Flash magi..

Rs. 2,699.00

Super Cane To Flower

The perfect trick for any stage, Very colorful Opening..   The magician Walk on stage with em..

Rs. 2,649.00

Fujiwara Ball Gimmick ( With DVD )

A new Gimmick from Fujiwara has just arrived at SEO Magic! You can perform amazing and beautiful eff..

Rs. 749.00

World's Greatest Silk Magic volume 1 by L&L Publishing ( VIDEO DOWNLOAD )

Handkerchiefs have been a part of the magician's arsenal at least since the 1500s but it wasn..

Rs. 899.00