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Street Magic
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Hare Rama Beads

This is a very effective trick, in the mental vein.The performer shows a necklace of Pop-Out Beads..

Rs. 99.00

Rubber Band (Best Quality) Out Of Stock

Rubber Band (Best Quality)

These rubberbands are made from the finest materials . They have great elasticity. Bright yellow col..

Rs. 159.00

The School of Cool by Greg Wilson (VIDEO DOWNLOAD )

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Rs. 1,499.00

Loops New Generation by Yigal Mesika

"Extraordinary power at your fingertips" -Cyril "The ultimate secret power... I never leave home wi..

Rs. 699.00

The 5th Assistant

A Real World and Flexible Pocket Tool   Show your pockets empty then product any object you..

Rs. 299.00

Psypher by Robert Smith (Universal Impression 2.0) DVD + Gimmick

Robert Smith and Paper Crane Magic proudly present Psypher. Psypher is the highly acclaimed product,..

Rs. 2,999.00

Spider Pen Pro With DVD by Yigal Mesika Out Of Stock

Spider Pen Pro With DVD by Yigal Mesika

The Spider Pen Pro is a revolutionary electronic levitation device. In short, it's an electronic inv..

Rs. 6,799.00


HIMBER WALLET - DELUXE LEATHER MODEL   The Himber Wallet is a change device for flat card and pape..

Rs. 509.00

ESP New Flash Printer

A set of ESP cards are shown and an ESP card-holder. A card is selected and returned to the packet. ..

Rs. 179.00

Invisible Deck Bicycle (Red) Out Of Stock

Invisible Deck Bicycle (Red)

Performed on National Television! You will get absolutely enormous reactions every time. This effect..

Rs. 599.00

Bite & Restore Cookie

Effect: You open a sealed snack pack of Oreo cookies. Picking one out, you bite a chunk out of the c..

Rs. 149.00

Bendable Pen

With Bendable Pen you will be able to perform a mind-over-matter miracle with common office equi..

Rs. 199.00


Another exceptionally well made prop best for close-up & street magic.  The quality and machined pre..

Rs. 499.00

Twisting Spoon

With this amazing effect you will have your crowd wondering how you were able to so effortlessly twi..

Rs. 119.00

Playing Card T-Shirt

We've created our shirts to feel and fit just like your favorite t-shirt - Lightweight and excep..

Rs. 499.00

Penetra Bill -20%

Penetra Bill

EFFECT:  A very effective and visual penetration effect, with a borrowed bill ! Magician shows a ca..

Rs. 49.00 Rs. 39.00

Any Card to Any Wallet

Any Card to Any Wallet: Any card is chosen, signed, & placed back into the deck. The spectator take..

Rs. 449.00

Mirror Phantom

What an EERIE Close-up Illusion!! You can be sure your audience will remember this experience for q..

Rs. 299.00

Micro Psychic -66%

Micro Psychic

Micro Psychic was one of the hits of the 2012 Blackpool Convention. See why Micro Psychic has recei..

Rs. 2,200.00 Rs. 749.00

Flick Change by Deepak Mishra and SansMinds Magic (VIDEO DOWNLOAD)

SansMinds Magic brings you an incredibly visual effects that you can do with your everyday cap!..

Rs. 599.00

GRAVITY by Lyndon Jugalbot ( VIDEO DOWNLOAD )

Gravity is Lyndon Jugalbot's take on suspension effects. Gravity comes with 3 effects, Balance, ..

Rs. 419.00

Mirage Card Trick

This is a novel “card trick” which is entertaining as well as educat..

Rs. 29.00

Miracles Without Moves by Ryan Schlutz ( VIDEO DOWNLOAD)

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Rs. 1,799.00

Self Levitation 2.0 by Shin Lim, Jose Morales & Paul Harris (Video Download)

"Since the dawn of mankind...Men have dreamt of defying the laws of gravity." The Self Levitation w..

Rs. 1,049.00