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Locking Card Box Plastic

The Card Change Box is one of the classic utility props, with a host of applications. As the name su..

Rs. 179.00

Trixel by Valdemar Gestur (VIDEO DOWNLOAD )

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Rs. 499.00

Ultimate Self Working Card Tricks Volume 2 (VIDEO DOWNLOAD)

Featuring creations from some of the greatest minds in magic, Ultimate Self Working Card Tricks Vol..

Rs. 1,799.00

ESP Magic (Book & Deck)

The ESP Deck is a set of 25 symbol cards. Originally designed by Dr. Joseph Rhine in 1927 to test ex..

Rs. 119.00

Forcing Deck (50-50)

NEED AN EASY AND FOOLPROOF WAY TO FORCE A CARD? Don't have time to learn the skill required to do i..

Rs. 99.00

Cigarette Thru Card - Red

Deception taken to new heights! You take an ordinary borrowed cigarette and push it straight thro..

Rs. 89.00

Card-Go Plus

Adapted from Card Go by Norman, the mechanics have been modified so that this prop can be used to va..

Rs. 849.00

Phantom Disk

The magician ask a spectator to select a card from a deck. He displays two disks, and places one dis..

Rs. 159.00

Lapel Pin - Cards

A tie or  lapel pin enameled in several colors and plated in gold. This one depicts a colorful ..

Rs. 119.00

Card through Coaster

A playing card is displayed, and sandwiched between two coasters or boards. The boards are tapped an..

Rs. 219.00

Color Changing Cards

There are three cards with a Lady Picture dressed in red. Magician Applies magic pass and in all the..

Rs. 39.00

Invisible Deck Bicycle (Blue) Out Of Stock

Invisible Deck Bicycle (Blue)

Performed on National Television! You will get absolutely enormous reactions every time. This effect..

Rs. 599.00

Spirit Glass Square -10%

Spirit Glass Square

This is a very novel revelation of a "selected" card. This model in the form of a playing card is mo..

Rs. 300.00 Rs. 269.00


Another card prediction effect with a novel twist. Effect : The magician displays or hands over an e..

Rs. 79.00

Card Castle Standard Out Of Stock

Card Castle Standard

The perfect production item. This hand made prop truly defines the term "packs flat, plays big." Whe..

Rs. 479.00

Card Vanishing Frame

This is one of the most ingenious methods of making a card visibly disappear or appear in a flash. T..

Rs. 59.00

King to Aces Plus

This trick is having the regular jumbo kings to Aces effect plus two extra additional effects in sam..

Rs. 59.00

Educated Duck

wooden duck picks selected card out of the deck! This is the perfect trick for kid shows! A cute woo..

Rs. 1,499.00

Electric Deck

Make these cards flow from one hand to the other, without a single card falling out of place! Sprea..

Rs. 109.00

Clear Force Bag -22%

Clear Force Bag

As its name implies, the clear force bad is completely see-through. Spectators will never guess that..

Rs. 50.00 Rs. 39.00

Chop Stick Deck

A very popular effect a few decades ago, now again available. An off-beat way of revealing a freely ..

Rs. 79.00

Card Fan To Card Top Hat

QUICK CHANGE Artist Made Easy! This is the one! The spectacular effect audiences will always rememb..

Rs. 1,499.00

Bicycle Playing Cards Poker (Red) Out Of Stock

Bicycle Playing Cards Poker (Red)

This is the world's most familiar and most Used Card. The famous Rider Back Design in red and blue. ..

Rs. 349.00

Zig Zag Card

A Playing Card is introduced into a cut out plastic frame. It is clearly visible as it is inserted i..

Rs. 69.00