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Wow Card -21%

Wow Card

Your spectators will be saying "WOW" when they see this incredibly visual card change, which happens..

Rs. 125.00 Rs. 99.00

Ultimate Self Working Card Tricks (VIDEO DOWNLOAD)

Now if you're anything like us, you have some DVDs or books on this topic already. And you took ..

Rs. 1,799.00

Spirit Glass Round -7%

Spirit Glass Round

A clear glass disc approx. 2" in diameter is shown that as you state "will allow you to communicate ..

Rs. 300.00 Rs. 279.00

Window Watcher by Aaron Plener (VIDEO DOWNLOAD)

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Rs. 429.00

Grand Master Card Deck

Every magician must have this mark deck. Amazing card trick which can be perform anywhere any time,..

Rs. 69.00

Svengali Deck

The Svengali deck is one of the most purchased gimmick decks in the history of magic! Hundreds of ef..

Rs. 89.00

Flickwhich by Rian Lehman ( VIDEO DOWNLOAD )

An instant sandwich effect. This routine builds up to an unexpected sandwich moment. It starts with..

Rs. 359.00

Six Card Repeat

A classic of card magic. This is a purely mechanical version which is really easy to do. Six cards ..

Rs. 69.00

Card Vanishing Frame (Jumbo)

  Very simple and effective Stage magic trick. The sturdy, plastic frame is just large enough to ..

Rs. 179.00

Card Panel Production

This is a very simple, economical, but effective production prop that occupies negligible space when..

Rs. 89.00

Stripper Deck

'The Stripper Deck' is one of the most purchased gimmicked decks in the history of magic! Hundred..

Rs. 89.00

Rattle Box Out Of Stock

Rattle Box

The performer puts a borrowed and marked coin into a small wooden box. Then box is wrapped in a han..

Rs. 179.00

Pip Card Jumbo (Magnetic)

The performer displays a large playing card, which shows an Ace of Diamonds in the front, and a Four..

Rs. 399.00

MYSTIQUE by Lyndon Jugalbot ( VIDEO DOWNLOAD )

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Rs. 299.00

Diminishing cards

After performing a series of card effects, the performer begins to shrink a fan of cards. Just a lig..

Rs. 119.00

Nautical Playing Cards (Red)

The Nautical Deck is the brainchild of artist Edo Huang, and is reminiscent of a classic bordered Be..

Rs. 599.00