Close-Up Magic

Close-Up Magic
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Golden Key

Golden Key - a powerful close-up effect designed to exclusive for!, close up A solid brass key, is h..

Rs. 349.00

Color vision

A Cube with six different colored spots is placed into an opaque box and closed. The magician names ..

Rs. 39.00

Color Me a Hat

Beautifully made in durable plastic board this will last a lifetime and is a great trick as well. I ..

Rs. 129.00

Finger Chopper

A nice trick that makes everyone amazed. The blade cuts the cigarette, but passes magically through ..

Rs. 199.00

Diminishing cards

After performing a series of card effects, the performer begins to shrink a fan of cards. Just a lig..

Rs. 119.00

Color Choice

The color choice is an excellent prop item for magicians on stage or party shows, You can use the co..

Rs. 89.00

Nested Coin Box Out Of Stock

Nested Coin Box

Nested Boxes also known as “The Spellbinding Boxes”- History The performer borrows a coin, which ca..

Rs. 849.00

Magic Colors

This trick can be mastered in five minutes or less. Children age ten or older should be able to perf..

Rs. 39.00

Clear Penetration

Effect : The Magician displays a clear plastic sheet in a decorative frame. The audience can examine..

Rs. 99.00

Vanishing Cigarette

In effect, a cigarette is put inside a tube marked with a 'No Smoking' sign. The tube is capped and ..

Rs. 29.00

Cigarette Vanishing Case

This small box can be made to appear full of items, or entirely empty as the performer wishes. Made ..

Rs. 99.00

Silk & Ball Vase - Plastic Mini

The Perfect Magic Trick For Beginners. The apparatus supplied is to all appearances a replica of a ..

Rs. 89.00

Ghost Key

The performer displays the Ghost Key - a large key that he invites his audience to examine to their ..

Rs. 129.00

Fantastic Finger Chopper

A great close up trick , that makes performer idle for minutes. Display a wooden blade and stocks-ev..

Rs. 379.00

Brass Disk Escape

The magician shows five disks enameled in five different colors, and a tube just large enough to hol..

Rs. 299.00

Amazing Candy

Two pieces of candy are removed from a roll, both are shown and believe it or not, they link togethe..

Rs. 139.00

Cups and balls (Aluminum)

A basic routine is the triple penetration of the balls through the inverted cup and onto the table s..

Rs. 399.00