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At the time, Psychological Subtleties 2 was written, Banachek had a large amount of additional material, including commercial routines and tips from friends, that in total would have made that book too large to fit the format of the series. Although Psychological Subtleties 2 was acclaimed as the "B..
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Psychological Subtleties remains one of the best selling books in the magic and mentalism community and is considered a basic reference source for any complete library on our art. Psychological Subtleties offers ideas, tips and observations of natural human responses that can be inserted into perfor..
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Psychological Subtleties by Banachek Banachek, first came to national prominence as one of two teen-age "psychics" validated by the Parapsychology Department at Washington University as part of Randi's "Project Alpha" experiment. Since then he has been buried alive on national television, caught bul..
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If you have always wanted to perform magical effects using electronics and you never knew where to start, since you thought that this subject was very difficult and also you could not find any book where you could learn in a clear and simple way, you have found the solution.The book you see belo..
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Looking for more uses of Slush powder ??Here is a book for you, in this book almost 30 tricks & ideas are given on “how to use Slush powder “Slush Powder lets you do the impossible! Armed with this secret weapon, you'll be able to perform miracles. With this booklet, some careful thought..
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Visual A.F. Magic Tricks by Luke Oseland - Book Visual A.F. Magic Tricks by Luke Oseland - Book
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"Luke is the king of social media magic." - Craig Petty"I'm truly jealous of his brain." - Joel M"Luke is top of his game." - Rory Adams"Such a clever creator." - Nicholas LawrenceIn Luke Oseland's Visual A.F. Magic Tricks you will learn the thinking and methodology behind 20 eff..
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52 Explorations by Andi Gladwin and Jack Parker 52 Explorations by Andi Gladwin and Jack Parker
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A secret sequel to one of Vanishing Inc.'s bestselling books is now available.As a young magician, Vanishing Inc. Cofounder Andi Gladwin studied alongside Jack Parker and the pair became close friends. Jack was a phenomenal card magician that regularly received praise from other world-class magi..
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The Gospel Magic Notebook, David L Roper shares sixty years of experience in performing gospel magic. David is a preacher, teacher, writer, magician, and author. His popular books on visual aids and magic include Give Your Lessons a Visual Punch and best-selling Comedy Magic Textbook.The Gospel ..
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Playing with Fire (Rare/Limited) by Kazan - Book
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This rare booklet contains the routines and handling of Kazan.Also included are diagrams on how to construct a variety of performance props.Some of the topics included are:The Construction of the Fire-Eaters Torch, Eating Fire from the Hand, Burning the Tongue Alive, The Giant ..
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Oculus 2 by Fraser Parker - Book
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Oculus 2 is an updated handling on the prop-less date of birth divination. Included are various direct prop-less methods as well as a streamline handling with playing cards.There is no explaining each of the card values or the need for the spectator to take out multiple cards from the deck or th..
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Leading Thoughts (2 DVD Set) by Chris Rawlins Leading Thoughts (2 DVD Set) by Chris Rawlins
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“Chris Rawlins is an emerging voice in the field of mentalism. His no-nonsense, direct approach to mindreading is at once realistic and utterly amazing. On this DVD-his first-he shares seven of his most coveted original creations. You'll learn "Hack," the fairest newspaper test we've seen, "Lucky Lo..
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Discover The Magician In You By Clifford N Parakh Discover The Magician In You By Clifford N Parakh
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A must-have book for everyone who likes magic ...‘Discover the Magician in You’ is a book that links the Art of Magic to the benefits it provides you in your day-to-day life. The author Clifford N Parakh presents to you 10 effects in the book. These effects are very simple to perform but are ver..
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The Magic Way by Juan Tamariz
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The most insightful magic theory book you can get. Magic Way will change how you perform.Updated, expanded, freshly translated!"Juan Tamariz will fool you. And that’s because he knows how you think. He knows the questions you ask yourself about the magic you just saw. And one by one he answe..
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TST Torn Seal Transform by Justin Sopher TST Torn Seal Transform by Justin Sopher
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In partnership with Justin Sopher, SansMinds is proud to bring you TST. Or, Torn, Seal, Transform. The concept is devilishly simple and allows for a wide range of possible performance strategies.Notably, the gimmick allows for a mentalism routine to be spiced up with visual magic in a way that w..
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Real Ace Cutting by Benjamin Earl - DVD Real Ace Cutting by Benjamin Earl - DVD
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Card lovers rejoice! Ben Earl's definitive treatise on legitimately cutting to the Aces is finally here. With a running time of over two hours, this DVD will show you:How to find four Aces from a spectator-shuffled deckNumerous new false shufflesA dozen controls and control finessesS..
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The 10 Year Anniversary Edition of If an Octopus Could Palm features all-new cover art illustrated by Jonathan Burton and a foreword by Tony Chang.Learn over a dozen conceptual palming techniques designed to inspire new ways of thinking about the age-old practice of holding out. Beautifully prin..
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The Hofner Quintet by John Hofner - Book The Hofner Quintet by John Hofner - Book
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The Hofner Quintet offers three complete mentalism effects for stage.Each effect is taught in great detail with "blue prints" on how to build the items needed.You will not be disappointed with this rare find. Limited quantities available. ..
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Video Chat Magic (Book) Video Chat Magic (Book)
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In the wake of one of the most dramatic transformations magic has ever experienced, many of magic's most respected minds banded together to develop the most comprehensive and thought-provoking collection of virtual magic tricks, concepts, essays and tech solutions ever created.This idea first be..
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 How Magicians Think: Misdirection, Deception, and Why Magic Matters by Joshua JayThe door to magic is closed, but it's not locked.And now Joshua Jay, one of the world's most accomplished magicians, not only opens that door but brings us inside to reveal the artistry and obsessiveness, e..
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Velocity : High-Caliber Card Throwing System by Rick Smith  - DVD
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Rick Smith Jr. is THE card throwing champion for speed, distance and accuracy. Not only that, he is a WORLD RECORD HOLDER for throwing a playing card 216 feet and 4 inches at a top speed of 92 miles per hour.Now, he's ready to give you the secrets to the most effective techniques in card throwin..
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