Mentalism Magic

Mentalism Magic
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Swami Gimmick

The Swami Gimmick or Nail Writer is one of the most useful Gimmicks a mentalist could own. It all..

Rs. 99.00

Dream Lock

We supply you what appears to be a regular Reset able Combination Padlock, which is normally opened ..

Rs. 929.00

Holy Grail Mentalism by Stuart Cassels and Jonathan Royle (PDF DOWNLOAD)

Within the pages of this 55 page information packed PDF E-Book you will learn one of the cleanest &a..

Rs. 1,199.00

Exploding Light Bulb

A clear light bulb is removed from a lamp (for example a table light), which has been turned on and ..

Rs. 349.00

Mental Logs

Performer displays four rods with different numbers on all sides. Spectator is invited to toss the r..

Rs. 99.00

ESP Magic (Book & Deck)

The ESP Deck is a set of 25 symbol cards. Originally designed by Dr. Joseph Rhine in 1927 to test ex..

Rs. 119.00

Max Maven Multiplicity by L&L Publishing ( VIDEO DOWNLOAD )

---   TO buy Physical DVD Please Drop Email or Contact Us On 9028914220  -- Multipli..

Rs. 5,099.00

Mental Power Ball -8%

Mental Power Ball

Super Mentalism Magic Trick The spectator is given a ball to hide in one of their hands. Using his..

Rs. 300.00 Rs. 275.00

Invisible Thread Reel 3 Inch

It's just like those other reels, made for a beginner. AND COST LESS! If you want to work with invi..

Rs. 99.00

Mental Balloon Prediction

A rectangular board is standing upright on a table. In the board there are four large holes in which..

Rs. 1,249.00

13 Steps To Mentalism (6 Videos) by Richard Osterlind ( VIDEO DOWNLOAD )

---   For More Options Like Physical DVD or Book Please Drop Email or Contact Us On 9028914220  -- ..

Rs. 5,999.00