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Vapr Refills (10 units) by Will Tsai

Refills for Vapr. Includes 10 Vapr smoke cartridges (80-100 puffs per cartridge)...

Rs. 1,239.00

Sharpie Marker for Magicians

Every magician uses a Sharpie and most carry one around with them, This is a genuine Sharpie marker..

Rs. 179.00

Thumb Tip Silk - 6 Inch

Top quality silk scarves make ALL the difference in your magic! These fine silks are the perfect ..

Rs. 29.00

Thumb Tip Streamer 3 Feet

Now you can produce a beautiful 3feet rainbow silk streamer from your empty hand. Always a surprisin..

Rs. 49.00

Bag To Cape

Ultimate Magicians Accessory with Flashy Effect. Magician repeatedly removes props from a small bag..

Rs. 849.00

Silver Artifact Coins - Dollar Size

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Rs. 169.00

Neck Cracker

This gimmick will produce a loud crushing sound as if you have cracked your (or someone's) neck. Ju..

Rs. 49.00

Gold Foil Plated Playing Cards

Imagine …performing  a card trick  with a gold deck …Wow  !!! that’s cool.. you could create a gre..

Rs. 449.00

Bare Hand Production Flower Glitter

Bare hand flower production is a visually beautiful effect. At any time during his show, the magic..

Rs. 119.00

Infinity V2 (Invisible Elastic Thread 200 feet)

"The Infinity floating bill is amazing, deceptive, and practical. The new hook-up is clean, direct,..

Rs. 1,399.00

Copper  Artifact Coins - Half Dollar Size Out Of Stock

Copper Artifact Coins - Half Dollar Size

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Rs. 159.00

Silver Artifact Coins - Half Dollar Size

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Rs. 159.00

4.5 cm Super Soft Sponge Ball (Orange) Out Of Stock

4.5 cm Super Soft Sponge Ball (Orange)

You make the balls disappear from your hand and appear in the hand of a spectator! Make them multipl..

Rs. 169.00

Spider Thread by Yigal Mesika (2 piece pack)

Spider Thread by Yigal Mesika (2 piece pack) For levitating and animating objects! This package co..

Rs. 1,119.00

Mouth Coil - White

Mouth Coils are a classic piece of magic that entertains all ages. Both Mark and Paul use them to gr..

Rs. 149.00

Mouth Coil Classic - White

These Mouth Coils enable you to produce a long ribbon of paper from your mouth, hand, or a productio..

Rs. 149.00

Snowstorm RED

The 'Snow Storm In China' is one of the most visually appealing of magic effects. Now made in a supe..

Rs. 139.00

Umbrella Belt

Professional quality Belt, well-made, can be put around 8 umbrellas. Stage magic show is absolutely..

Rs. 199.00

Sixth Finger

Another hidden accessory to vanish or produce small objects, silks, etc. Very realistic; will fit mo..

Rs. 89.00

HD Thumb Tip (Medium)

All new HD Thumb-tip looks like The Real Human Thumb. Thumbtips aren't designed to be seen, but tha..

Rs. 89.00

Rubber Banana

Imitation of a real banana . Size:  7.5 inches approx. Hand painted in different shades, making it a..

Rs. 249.00

Rubber Band (Best Quality) Out Of Stock

Rubber Band (Best Quality)

These rubberbands are made from the finest materials . They have great elasticity. Bright yellow col..

Rs. 159.00

Archangel Playing Cards

Good and Evil. Right and Wrong. Light and Darkness. Archangels. Inspired by mythology, crafted by h..

Rs. 569.00

Professional Dove Harness and Holder

This is New Improved Dove Harness For professional Magicians.  Easy To Operate  No Special C..

Rs. 149.00