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Magicians Close-up Jacket

This is the dream of every professional closeup magician.  It has got more than 30 Pockets inside!!..

Rs. 1,849.00

Magicians Tail Coat

EVERY MAGICIAN MUST HAVE !! The tail coat is an important accessory for a stage magician. It helps ..

Rs. 5,199.00

Cigarette Production Gimmick

The magician 'catches' cigarettes from the air, behind his head and many other places. Each cigarett..

Rs. 19.00

Thumb Tip Card Silk Set - AS

This is a pair of miniature (about 8" square) fine quality Silks, one with a picture of a blank card..

Rs. 99.00

Thumb Tip Card Silk Set - 8D

This is a pair of miniature (about 8" square) fine quality Silks, one with a picture of a blank card..

Rs. 99.00

Dove Harness (Newspaper Style)

You will produce Doves professionally from a piece of newspaper. the perfect fabric for the classic..

Rs. 149.00

Flash Poker Card ( KH-Ten Pack)

A pack of 10 poker sized playing card faces printed on extra thick flash paper cut to size with roun..

Rs. 549.00

Flash Cigarettes (10 in Pack) Out Of Stock

Flash Cigarettes (10 in Pack)

LIMITED QUANTITY AVAILABLE  The flash cigarette is made out of flash cotton and flash paper, looks ..

Rs. 599.00

Double Side Tape

This is Utility accessory used in 100’s of magic tricks. The tape is made of tissue paper both side..

Rs. 99.00

Super Soft 1 inch Sponge Balls - Black

These vibrant Soft sponge balls are a must for any close-up magic worker. They are the highest quali..

Rs. 79.00

Tricky Paddles Colored #6

We have made a variety of colored paddles at a very economical price, for use as gift or promotional..

Rs. 49.00


Elastic Invisible thread is one of the most potent gimmicks in the modern close-up workers arsenal. ..

Rs. 689.00

Black Nylon Thread - 1950 Meters

Black Nylon Thread, or Fishing Line, or Mono filament is a very useful accessory for all magicians. ..

Rs. 109.00

Control Reel ( Mini - brass )

We have three models of Reels in our range, each suitable for a particular type of action. We have ..

Rs. 249.00

Production Garland (Jumbo)

Something new and exciting in a production item. These colorful balls on a ribbon will easily fit in..

Rs. 279.00

Flower Production Harness (Single)

This is Ultimate Utility Harness to do Flower Production any time in your performance.  Magician ta..

Rs. 99.00

Spring Flower Giant (Mylar) - Multi Color Out Of Stock

Spring Flower Giant (Mylar) - Multi Color

These flowers POP open all by themselves! POP! Colorful Mylar paper spring flowers that fold flat..

Rs. 399.00

Steam 2.0 Refill Cards (50 ct.) by Paul Harris

This is Refill pack Only, you must have Seatm 2.0 before use this  Convenient refill pack of 50 bla..

Rs. 559.00

Steam 2.0 Refill Pad (50 sheets) by Paul Harris

This is Refill Pads Only, you must have Steam 2.0 before buying this.  Convenient refill of the pad..

Rs. 559.00

Starburst Production Silk (36")

There is a 36" Star burst design that are great for Blendo effects. They are screened in vibrant eye..

Rs. 389.00

Devil`s Production Hanky - 36" -25%

Devil`s Production Hanky - 36"

The best production silk there is! 36" square with hand-rolled hems. 10 Gram weight. Imported qualit..

Rs. 399.00 Rs. 300.00

Crochet ball For Chop Cup

The right balls for the your Chop Cup! Set of TWO balls- one has a shim (piece of metal that will s..

Rs. 49.00

Refill Papers for 2D Fork Bending

This is Refill Pack For 2D Fork Bending Trick. Comes 10 Sheets in packet, without any instruction s..

Rs. 99.00

Morgan Coin Silver Finish Out Of Stock

Morgan Coin Silver Finish

The Morgan silver dollar was issued up until 1922 and makes a first class coin for coin tricks and c..

Rs. 159.00