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Stage Magic
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Coin Vanishing Stand -15%

Coin Vanishing Stand

This is new version of classic coin vanishing stand, made in wood. You place up to four coins...or ..

Rs. 175.00 Rs. 149.00

Sword Swallowing

A glazing 19" steel blade appears to slide right down your throat, COMPLETELY DOWN to the metal hand..

Rs. 299.00

Chain Release Handcuff Out Of Stock

Chain Release Handcuff

This escape prop has become popular with magicians due to its simplicity in working. Four solid cha..

Rs. 349.00

Card Vanishing Frame (Jumbo)

  Very simple and effective Stage magic trick. The sturdy, plastic frame is just large enough to ..

Rs. 179.00

Fire Can Brass Out Of Stock

Fire Can Brass

You show a can with a lid on. Removing the lid, a lit match is dropped in. Fire shoots out proving t..

Rs. 449.00

Ribbon fountain (35 meter) -20% Out Of Stock

Ribbon fountain (35 meter)

The magician produces a magic bowl from some production item. The bowl is kept on a table and short ..

Rs. 250.00 Rs. 199.00

Silk Vanishing Wand

The Magician displays a silk, and with the wave of his wand the silk instantly disappears. And I mea..

Rs. 349.00

Wonder Glass Out Of Stock

Wonder Glass

This is, without a doubt one of the finest pieces of utility apparatus ever created. The apparatus..

Rs. 89.00

Sword Through Neck

A clean and highly visual penetration effect, which you can perform on a large stage or even a drawi..

Rs. 1,199.00

Necklace Mystery -9%

Necklace Mystery

Magician shows beautiful stand on which the necklace is displayed. He then removes the necklace and ..

Rs. 600.00 Rs. 549.00

Rattle Box Out Of Stock

Rattle Box

The performer puts a borrowed and marked coin into a small wooden box. Then box is wrapped in a han..

Rs. 179.00

Multiplying bottles (8 bottles aluminum) -19%

Multiplying bottles (8 bottles aluminum)

The magician talks about the famous "Bottle and Glass" trick, showing two cylinders, one bottle and..

Rs. 2,400.00 Rs. 1,949.00

Polka Dot Silk

First, show a black silk which is spotted on both sides. Then shake the silk and show the spots have..

Rs. 749.00

Zombie Floating Ball Illusion

This is a stunning Illusion and is performed by the world's most famous Magicians. An absolute clas..

Rs. 849.00

Change Bag - Zipper

A wonderful utility prop that can be used for hundreds of effects! You display a cloth bag attached..

Rs. 399.00

Pip Card Jumbo (Magnetic)

The performer displays a large playing card, which shows an Ace of Diamonds in the front, and a Four..

Rs. 399.00

Instant Flower Deluxe

A FANTASTIC effect which is FAST, COLORFUL and almost angle proof! A picture of a plant transforms ..

Rs. 109.00

Match To Rose

The quickest Flower Trick ever! Do you use fire in your act? Then this is perfect for you! A beau..

Rs. 89.00

Vanishing Coca Cola Bottle

It's the real thing- really GONE! You make a Full bottle of Coke INSTANTLY DISAPPEAR! A full 8-o..

Rs. 229.00

Vanishing Candles (Plastic)

A large candle over 14" long is lit. As you nip the flame, the entire candle vanishes. A very effect..

Rs. 149.00

Vanishing Cane Steel Out Of Stock

Vanishing Cane Steel

The Vanishing Cane is a classic Magician's prop, quick, visual and an ideal opening or closing trick..

Rs. 549.00

Chinese Rice Bowls

The Rice Bowls are one of the oldest of magic effects, presumably of Chinese origin. In effect, the..

Rs. 849.00

Drink To Silk

This is improved Version of classic milk to silk tric, with new enhancement, here you can actually s..

Rs. 229.00

Indian Sweet Vase

A tall beautiful Metal vase is shown empty. Magician put a burning paper in the empty vase. A vase i..

Rs. 479.00