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Floating Table (with Case)

Floating Table (with Case)

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The Floating Table has long been a favorite of magicians and mentalists. Now, Tim Wright's ingenious new method, and fine craftsmanship and design by Wellington Enterprises come together to produce a sensational one-man floating table.

performer covers the table with a large silk showing both hands to the audience. the performer places his palm down on the Table & it begins to RISE & RISE up and up in the air! then slowly The table comes to a rest...The performer can freely show his hands and then once again, cause the table to not rise in the air but also dance in a circular fashion, and side to side. Finally, while the table is floating the table comes to rest and the performer removes the silk from the table and walks away.

even a spectator can check the table when it is floating state. it is the best levitation effect.

Table weight around 0.7 kg, best quality made with veneer plywood, quality silk (size 30"X30") supplied complete with set table, silk, gimmick, and supplied with specially made Case for the table.

NO Threads or Magnets! !It can be performed under ANY conditions, even surrounded. supplied ready to do complete with instruction sheet.

Teaching Video CD Included.

Important Note: Cloth and Case Design / Color May Vary as per availability.

Actual Weight is 1.8 KG but Dimensional Weight will be 3 KG for shipping.

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