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Appearing & Multiplying Flower In Pot

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Appearing & Multiplying Flower In Pot
Appearing & Multiplying Flower In Pot
Appearing & Multiplying Flower In Pot
Appearing & Multiplying Flower In Pot
Appearing & Multiplying Flower In Pot
Appearing & Multiplying Flower In Pot
Appearing & Multiplying Flower In Pot
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You can amaze your audience twice

Easy to do

Very effective and colorful

The effect is simple yet VERY STARTLING!

if you can hold magic wand you can perform this trick 

Magicians start with an empty flower pot and jumbo size magic wand, display empty single flower pot only just touch pot with the magic wand and beautiful flower bouquet will appear from nowhere. This is not it now magicians take single flower pot and pull out another flower pot with flower. This surprising twist blows your spectator's mind.

The supplied flowers are special flowers for magical appearances. It's very colorful and ready to spring into action at your command. Large size so you can bewilder your entire audience!

Flower bouquet height -

Comes with wand two flower bouquet & two plastic nested flower pots.


Tips -

How To Care For Feather Flowers:

Feather flowers like these are made from REAL turkey feathers, dyed and tied into flower shapes.
With a bit of care, these feather flowers will easily last for many years of use.

  • Store your feather flowers OPEN.
    In other words, don't wrap them up and store them. Prop them up in a vase or other container, and drape a light cloth over them to keep the dust off.

  • DO NOT wash your feather flowers.
    You can lightly shake them, or use canned air or a hair dryer (on the "COOL" setting) to remove dust.

  • Fluff them with a cool hair dryer. You can also use a hair dryer on "COOL" to fluff up the flowers.

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