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Elastic Invisible thread is one of the most potent gimmicks in the modern close-up workers arsenal. Some very amazing levitation, animation and PK type effects can be performed with this thread, which is completely invisible under most performing conditions from a few inches. 

The thread we supply is a very strong superior thread where a single strand can lift an object of over 25 gms. in weight (we have tested the thread to lift over 35gms.). It comes to you as a pre-stripped continuous single strand, with no hassles of stripping this from a cluster. You can combine 2 or more strands to increase the load carrying capacity of the thread. As a guide, a heavy metal ball pen weighs 20gms., a gent's wedding ring weighs 5 to 10 gms, and a large pair of spectacles weigh about 40 gms. Most cutlery items (knives, spoons and forks) weigh much below the capacity of this thread. You use it to move heavier objects, like causing a piece of cutlery to turn on a smooth table top, or levitate lighter objects like a cigarette or a tissue rose, an origami bird or a balled up bill.  

The thread supplied is a black thread that reflects less light than white thread. When stretched it becomes almost transparent. It will stretch to over 5 times its original length - a six inch piece will stretch to over 2.5 feet. A single strand of it is almost invisible, specially in the stretched state, and you need to work with it on a white or light background, to be able to see it. Under practical performing conditions you would work by the feel of the thread, and not by sight. 

We have previously advertised the thread in 5 Meter spools. We now have this also in 20 Meter and 75 meter spools. The bigger the spool the more economical it gets. It is also ideal for making your own Elastic Invisible Thread Loops, (our instructions tell you how to do this), at almost a tenth of the cost of the EIT Loops commercially available.

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