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Dove Vanishing Cage

Dove Vanishing Cage

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During your act, up to 4 doves are placed into the cage seen resting on a thin table. The cage and doves are covered with a beautiful foulard. All is brought forward to the footlights and tossed up. The cage and doves are gone!

Never in the history of magic has this classic effect been offered in such a stunning presentation. Not only does the cage appear very solid and sitting on-not in a table, but the cage appears to have feet giving a "view" underneath.


  • Cage in 'mirror shine' finish.
  • Cage stands 12 inch on table.
  • The cage has a floor and "feet" and truly appears to be separate and sitting on the table
  • Air holes for dove's comfort
  • Safety lock for release
  • Cage holds up to Four doves
  • One move vanishes the cage
  • Vanish is quiet and always under your control
  • Deluxe crushed velvet lined cloth
  • Preferred by professionals worldwide

Actual weigth of Product is 7.5 KG but dimentional weight is 15 KG

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