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Comedy Magic
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Throw Coils - Multicolored

Manufactured in the India, these machine - rolled paper products are the best that money can buy. Ea..

$ 3.60

Airborne with ANY Bottle

General Magic trickGeneral / Street / Parlor / Stage / Close Up / Magic TricksPerform Airbor..

$ 2.39

Bag to Flag

Show a cloth bag. Place three silks red, green and white inside. A shake and the entire bag transfor..

$ 17.06

Blooming Blossom

If you can move your finger, you can do this trick!Red flower blooms- and disappears- at your co..

$ 1.59

Chinese Sticks

A classic of magic.The magician show one red and one yellow stick, each with a cord and tassel r..

$ 6.01

Balloon School by Stephen Ablett video DONWLOAD

Instructional download that teaches 33 different Modelling Balloon creations.Most of which..

$ 27.11

Break Away Wand

Make them a part of the show!Great comedy prop! When you hold the wand, it looks normal, but han..

$ 1.79

Light Up Thumb Tip

It is Similar to the famous D'Lite thumb tip magic trick (it its a thump tip with a light in it), bu..

$ 3.60

Multiplying Golf Balls - Red

Magic with golf balls!Hold a ball between your fingertips. In the blink of an eye- there are two..

$ 1.19

Multiplying Golf Balls - White

Magic with golf balls!Hold a ball between your fingertips. In the blink of an eye- there are two..

$ 1.19

Spoon To Fork

A great routine with built-in laughs and a kicker ending they'll never see coming!Spoon to Fork ..

$ 5.00

Comedy Funnel (S.S.)

This is new design of classic comedy funnel; the performer who features comedy magic in their routin..

$ 5.83

Paper to Hat

The magician shows two pieces of colored tissue papers. These are placed together and torn into seve..

$ 2.99

Pop Up Tie gimmick

This trick is Very, Very Funny! With our special device, you can cause your necktie to pop-up & ..

$ 0.78

Milk Jug -11%

Milk Jug

IMAGINE having a meal with friends. You pickup your mug filled with liquid, pour it into your mornin..

$ 4.02 $ 3.60

Stripper Deck

'The Stripper Deck' is one of the most purchased gimmicked decks in the history of magic!Hundred..

$ 1.79

Stiff Rope Deluxe

This can be an excellent comedy prop or a serious prop depending on the presentation. A magician is ..

$ 1.39

Squaring The Circle

How do you make a square out of a circle? How do you make a circle out of a square?This trick ..

$ 2.19

Super Pompom Stick -9% Out Of Stock

Super Pompom Stick

If you are searching for trick for kid show or comedy magic show then your search ends here.This..

$ 11.06 $ 10.03

Instant Flower Deluxe

A FANTASTIC effect which is FAST, COLORFUL and almost angle proof!A picture of a plant transform..

$ 2.19

Match To Rose

The quickest Flower Trick ever!Do you use fire in your act? Then this is perfect for you! A beau..

$ 1.79

Vanishing Coca Cola Bottle

It's the real thing- really GONE!You make a Full bottle of Coke INSTANTLY DISAPPEAR!A full ..

$ 4.60

Lucky Egg Bag

You have complete control over the contents of your selection, and theirs. If you prefer, you could ..

$ 2.99

Living Mummy Finger

This is an old effect, so old that it is new to a whole new generation.The performer shows a sma..

$ 0.58

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