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Color Me a Hat

Color Me a Hat

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Beautifully made in durable plastic board this will last a lifetime and is a great trick as well. I have been carrying this around for years and giving it some rough treatment and still it looks great. Its also a great trick!!!

You show your assistant, the rabbit, sitting in a hat. The only problem is the hat doesn't look good with no color, only black and white. You remove the rabbit to show him cleanly and show the hat empty. You replace the rabbit and face him away from the audience. You now open a folder with four hats printed in it. The audience selects a colored hat and the folder closed. When the folder is opened again the hat that they have chosen is now seen to have lost its color and is white. You turn the rabbit around and he is seen in the hat that matches the chosen color. Great trick, great props and SUPER value.

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