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Cane To Double Umbrella Stand

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Cane To Double Umbrella Stand

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The perfect trick for any stage,

If you are looking for stand for your magic show to place production material, your search ends here.

Here we are presenting unique CANE TO DOUBBLE UMBRELLA, perfect for any stage performance.

You have a black cane standing next to you. This cane has silks on it, and is your silk stand. You remove a silk from your silk stand whenever you need a silk for your act. When the last silk from the silk stand is removed, the silk stand magically transforms into a huge DOUBBLE UMBRELLA STAND, you can use this stand to put your other production material like silks, cards, flowers, sponge balls Etc.

The stand is beautifully made and powder coated. Everything is detachable and can be packed into a small box.

Note: Umbrella Colors can vary as per availability from Image and video. 

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