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Brainwave Deck (Bicycle)

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Brainwave Deck (Bicycle)

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Take Invisible Deck (performed by David Blaine) and add one more HUGE climax! This effect is almost too powerful!

You ask a spectator to name any card in the deck. She tells you which card she has chosen. You remove a deck of cards from its box and fan the cards. There is one card face up in the deck -it is the spectator's freely named card!

Now, for the *second* climax. You prove that you knew the card to be selected in advance by showing that spectator's card has a different colored back than the remainder of the deck!

This is a real Bicycle brand deck that was handmade into a Brainwave deck. The familiar Bicycle look and feel will take the heat off the cards.

Why We Carry It

  • The Secret (it's a great one)
  • Detailed Instructions
  • The equipment
  • The ability to perform this incredible feat of mentalism.

Bonus : Video Downloadable Instruction for Trick

Note : All Bicycle Trick / Gaff Decks comes with Opened Seal as it is not manufactured By Bicycle.


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