Dear Magicians & Mentalists!

I wanted to bring spectacular interest to your notice.

You now have a way of buying some of the rare books in our field without having to get them shipped from USA

We know a collector-Magician who is parting with his Magic-Mentalism & Hypnotism books collection.

He is not a part of Nikhil’s Magic Shop but just someone we think you would love to get in touch with.

He has some really sought-after books and great Magic material which you’d love to get your hands on.

This doesn’t profit us but we always want to help you and we get a lot of requests for old books which are out of print. Here is your chance to grab some of the copies which are available in India. 

Just a warning that the books are extremely limited in quantity and once gone, might never be available again.

We are attaching a few photographs below for your reference and you can get in touch with Mr. Yash Pataskar +91 8483 90 5484 for details about the prices, availability, and shipping.

Please note that this is a public service announcement and the books are not sold by Nikhil’s Magic Shop. Any purchases of the books are to be done directly from Yash.

You can directly call Yash or WhatsApp him on the Number below, he will help you with the list and prices of the available books. 

Yash P – +91 8483 90 5484


Check out this Photo Gallery for Book Photographs –