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This is really cute. Shiny black with silver tips, this wand looks great and appears in an instant. ..
Rs. 49.00
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Chicken Nugget Playing Cards - Blue -12%
A delicious and hilarious rendition of the highly sought-after Jerry's Nugget playing cards. Meet th..
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Thread work made easy! This is Newly Designed Micro Thread Reel.You can do the Amazing Float..
Rs. 129.00
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Every magician must have this mark deck.Amazing card trick which can be perform anywhere any tim..
Rs. 69.00
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There are 100s of tricks that require "Magician's Wax", but most magicians don't know where to get a..
Rs. 59.00
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Flower Sleeve Bouquet Out Of Stock
Everyone expects a magician to produce flowers. These feather sleeve bouquets have been designed to ..
Rs. 185.00
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You will be able to perform amazing feats of card magic with this normal looking Bicycle deck.E..
Rs. 499.00
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Love Art Deck (Gold / Limited Edition) Out Of Stock
LOVE ART deck printed in USPCC. Aristocrat casino stock. Great Foil printed on Tuck case. Love's the..
Rs. 719.00
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This standard plastic thumb tip is ideal for any magic act. It is lifelike in appearance and sturdy ..
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The magician takes out a box from his pocket, which holds a deck of cards. The box has a window on t..
Rs. 149.00
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The perfect close-up magic Prop.   Sponge Ball Magic has been popular with magicians of all ski..
Rs. 299.00
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The performer displays a strip of white tissue paper. This is torn into small pieces which are dippe..
Rs. 139.00
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This is a locking control reel that is similar to the control reel but is fitted with a locking mech..
Rs. 149.00
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Tricky Paddle (Jumping Frogs) New
This is our personal favorite. The classic Jumping Gems effect, using cute frogs (obviously they jum..
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This is Additional Sticker Supplies For Little green man Trick. This pack includes 12 Stickers O..
Rs. 29.00
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You make the balls disappear from your hand and appear in the hand of a spectator! Make them multipl..
Rs. 169.00
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Statue of Liberty Vanish Out Of Stock
This particular item is good to perform in close- up, school shows and party shows. The performer d..
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This is a neat magical touch which can be used by any performer in his act. The performer has a Rose..
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Pro level magic that YOU can do! A classic effect for close up coin workers, this is a turne..
Rs. 499.00
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Effect;  "A spectator selects a card from an ordinary deck of cards.  The performer displays a small..
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Make three coins travel mysteriously one at a time underneath two playing cards.Each transloca..
Rs. 199.00
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Top quality silk scarves make ALL the difference in your magic!A "silk" is what magicians call t..
Rs. 49.00
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Motorized Matchbox Reel -20%
This battery operated (uses 2 x AAA cells, supplied) matchbox reel has many uses for magicians. The..
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