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Aces Trumps - Jumbo

Aces Trumps - Jumbo
Aces Trumps - Jumbo
Aces Trumps - Jumbo
Aces Trumps - Jumbo
Aces Trumps - Jumbo
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Performer displays five Jumbo cards in a fan. They are the Ace, Two, Three, Four and Five of Hearts. 

He takes the Ace of Hearts from the fan, reverses it with back facing the spectators and places it in front of the fan of cards. He takes the Five of Hearts and discards it on the table, or in his pocket, saying he requires only four cards for the trick. He makes a magic pass and fans the cards again. All the cards are now magically reversed, with backs facing the spectators. He turns the packet face up to show the faces. They are the Four Aces, the Ace of Hearts, Ace of Diamonds, Ace of Spades and Ace of Clubs ! The full face of every Ace is shown.

An alternate handling uses the same props, and performs the change in reverse, that will appeal to Poker Players, who are aware a straight Flush is a higher hand than four of a kind. In this presentation, you start with the four Aces, ‘draw a fifth card,’ and reveal you now have an even better hand, – a straight Flush.
We supply you all the required Jumbo Cards and detailed instructions for both routines.

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