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Devils Hank Deluxe

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Devils Hank Deluxe

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Rs. 280.00

Are you looking for a handy way to vanish objects such as rings, bills, watches or more? 

This is the One high-quality Prop, which does all for you. 

A handkerchief is shown freely on both sides. The four corners are gathered to form an improvised bag, and the object to be vanish is dropped into the bag. The handkerchief is then whipped open, held by one corner, and the item has vanished. It is opened out flat and shown freely on both sides, and there is no trace of the item.

You will be able to produce, vanish, and exchange small objects in a much easier manner with "Devils Hank". 

This utility prop works for just about any type of act, close-up, stage, cabaret, parlor etc. 

Comes with 22.5 x 22.5 inch Black handkerchief.

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