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Shrinking Deck

An absolutely STUNNING card effect! Though it looks impossible, it's actually SO EASY TO DO! Follo..

Rs. 269.00

Multiplying Balls Spiked (RED)

Multiplying balls is a magic routine that is popular with both amateur and advanced conjurers but st..

Rs. 89.00

One Second Puzzle

Can you get the 2 balls to the 2 corners? Truly baffling when you know how!  It just takes a s..

Rs. 19.00

Frightening Spike

This is a very simple, yet highly dramatic effect, that can be the feature of your act. It is also e..

Rs. 689.00

Magician's Insurance Policy - New Model

This is a new design and larger model of an item we have sold for several years. It is one of the mo..

Rs. 39.00

Malini Egg Bag (with Egg)

Easy and fun! Many routines have been written for the Egg Bag, because there is so much you ..

Rs. 179.00

Lightning wallet

Any small borrowed item such as a coin or ring INSTANTLY reappears wrapped in cloth, inside a nest o..

Rs. 749.00

Bite & Restore Cookie

Effect: You open a sealed snack pack of Oreo cookies. Picking one out, you bite a chunk out of the c..

Rs. 149.00