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4K Color Vision

4K Color Vision
4K Color Vision
4K Color Vision
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4K Color Vision
4K Color Vision
4K Color Vision
4K Color Vision
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Brent Braun has transformed a classic you may have not performed in years into a hard-hitting effect you'll never want to leave home without.

Classic magic kit tricks get an undeserved bad reputation.

There's a reason the ball & vase, thump tip silk vanish or penetration frame are included in nearly every magic kit in the world. Despite having methods simple enough for a beginner to grasp, these effects can be true miracles when performed properly.

With "4K Color Vision", Brent Braun provides an incredible update to the famous color vision magic trick. You know, the one with a toy die with different colors on it and a plastic carrying box. This trick is so famous, even most laypeople know the secret.

And this plays into your favor. Because, while "4K Color Vision" floors everyone, it's especially mind-boggling to those who are familiar with the original color vision magic trick. This is a bonafide magician fooler.

"4K Color Vision" is a multi-phase, jaw-dropping feat of mind reading that can be carried in your pocket. The die is placed inside the opaque box with one color facing up. You're able to guess which color it is every time.

Each phase is more impossible than the last. You can even name the color when the spectator has placed the die into the box behind their back. Nobody in the room knows the color. Yet, you can still guess it correctly without even needing to touch the box.

These final phases are absolutely devastating and are what set "4K Color Vision" apart from any other color vision.

  • No mirrors
  • No magnets
  • No electronics
  • No remotes
  • No bluetooth
  • No WiFi
  • No special magic apps
  • No stooges
  • No pre-show
  • No writing
  • No BS

"4K Color Vision" is the real deal. It's a true pocket-sized miracle that will slide directly into your working set.

Each set comes with all the custom-made props you need to get started right away and access to complete teaching and a full routine from Brent Braun.

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