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At The Table Live Lecture Craig Petty February 7th 2018 (VIDEO DOWNLOAD)

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At The Table Live Lecture Craig Petty February 7th 2018 (VIDEO DOWNLOAD)

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Known by his peers as one of the greatest sleight of hand artists in the UK, we welcome Craig Petty for an amazing lecture At The Table. Craig has published over 30 instructional DVDs on the art of magic and these have proven to be a huge hit worldwide. He has won numerous awards through his career, including The John Pye Award for Excellence, the 3SM Champion of Magic, the Northern Magic Circle Magician of the Year, and has even been named the British Magical Society Parlour Magician of the Year. Join us for an award-winning lecture that will leave you nothing less than astonished! Here's what you'll learn: 

Empowerment: Coins Across where the spectator does all the moves. 

Triple Threat: A three-coin production, Coins Across and vanish designed for big tables. 

Ninja Purse: A coin routine with 4 regular coins and a purse. 

Hero Coin: A coin effect with a superhero twist! An examined coin is held in the spectator's hand. Miraculously, the image on the coin changes to the spectator's chosen superhero! 

A Marvelous Packet Trick: A packet trick based around superheroes. 

Torchwood: A routine that uses a small flashlight to vanish a handkerchief and a card, only to reveal that the vanished card is now printed on the handkerchief and inside the flashlight! 

Card Under Phone: A card routine which combines Card Under Box, Card In Pocket and Card In Phone. 

Anniversary Waltz: A handling of Anniversary Waltz to perform at the end of any signed card routine. 

Triumph Extreme: A Triumph with a 4 of a kind production as a kicker. 

Security Pen: A combination of pen manipulation, pen, and coin transpositions and a three-coin appearance and vanish.

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