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Jeff Sheridan Card Manipula - 2 (video Download)

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Jeff Sheridan Card Manipula - 2 (video Download)
Jeff Sheridan Card Manipula - 2 (video Download)
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If you've ever marveled at modern card manipulators and wondered where they learned their skills, you're about to find out. Jeff Sheridan is a master whose advanced skills have amazed even those who know card manipulation techniques. He taught many of the world's most renowned manipulators-and now, on this video, his advanced master class on card manipulation is available to you 24/7. 

* Back Palm
* Continuous Front & Back Palm 
* Fingertip Production
* Producing Two Cards 
* Cardini Card Production #1 
* One Handed Fan 
* Split Fanning 
* Producing a Fan of Cards from Back 
* Sheridan Card Production 
* Cardini Card Production #2 
* Bent Card Production 
* The Cardini Production (Front View)
* Sidegrip Production 
* Sheridan/Lane Production 
* Side Grip Production for Fan of Cards 
* How to Get Into the Position 
* Front Splitting 
* Using Double Face Cards 
* Variant Cardini Production 
* Front Split to Cardini Palm 
* Front Split Production 
* The Boomerang Card 
* The Two-Handed Fan 
* One-Handed Fan Closing 
* Two-Handed S-Fan 
* Dai Vernon's Snap Color Change 
* Marlo Snap Change 
* One-Handed Palm Color Change
* Herrmann Pass Color Change 
* The Giant Fan 
* Splitting the Fan
* Reverse Fan 
* The Tap Vanish 
* The Packet Vanish 
* Classic One-Handed Cut
* Paul Draylin Triple Cut
* Sheridan's Interlock Card Production 
* Fan of Cards from a Silk (Cardini Method) 
* Sheridan's Cards from Silk 
* Fan Production with Gloves

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